On Becoming a Better Writer through Improving Your Mindset

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Have you ever wanted to be a writer?

Perhaps you dream about becoming a bestselling author or novelist some day? Maybe you just want to blog or create better posts on Facebook and other social media sites that capture the attention of readers.

One of the key actions to being a better writer is the most obvious…. just write!

Many people say they’d like to ‘write’ whatever it is they dream of writing, but never put the pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, because they don’t believe they’re good enough, or don’t know where to start.

Any author or writer will tell you the easiest place to start is ‘at the beginning’ as in ‘begin to write’ – whatever you feel like writing, anything!

You may feel the subject of better writing is a strange topic for this blog about hypnosis and mindset, but as you’ll come to see hypnosis can help you become a better writer. Read on to discover how…



First, let’s explore what might be holding you back.

Essay Review ImageMost people are afraid to write or apprehensive to start because they base their experiences from their pasts in elementary or high schools. During this phase of their life they may have received low grades on essays or papers, or implied or directly told perhaps by teachers they weren’t ever going to be quality English literature majors.

Guess what?

Who you are today isn’t who you were back in those days, and furthermore, there are many bestselling authors, writers, bloggers etc., who were never English majors, hated writing when they were in school, or didn’t even know how to write, let alone spell!

These folks use editors to revise drafts correcting grammar and spelling mistakes.

In fact, even the great writers use editors so they can just be focusing on getting the plot and character passages down on paper without spending endless hours laboring over writing errors. Non-fiction writers are no different.

Even if you don’t feel you have a “novel” in you because you lack imagination then “non-fiction How To” books these days are popular.

Imagination is also one of those “woolly topics,” where we convince ourselves we have no creative genes in our body but the reality is we just need the right spark to ignite our story – and we all have great stories to tell.

Bottom line is you may be having some confidence issues when it comes to writing but the fact is each of us can learn to write and the first step is just beginning to write…



The key to becoming a writer, and eventually a better writer is to just get started.

What is it you like to focus your attention on or talk about? Writing is nothing more than putting your thoughts down on paper or a computer. Your thoughts become written speeches, plain and simple. In fact, when you write about things you’re passionate about, your writing will become much better as you’re pouring your heart and soul into it and people will pick it up in your tone.

Writer's Block SignExperienced writers will tell you when it’s time for them to write they just sit in front of their keyboard and just start typing. What they write may have nothing to do with a story and could be just writing about what they had for breakfast or some other nonsense.

But the mere act of writing begins to get “the juices flowing.”

First base in this instance is just getting a page or so of words and thoughts down.

Many people will start writing and then become deterred because they feel what they’re writing about isn’t good enough or they run out of ideas.

First off, never compare yourself to other writers. Every writer or author has their own style, voice and ideas. Complex and articulate doesn’t always equate with great work. Another writer’s journey is already different from yours so don’t try and emulate their experiences. There’s no need to go fight in a civil war like Hemmingway!

Too many writers are their own worst critics.

Try to avoid being too hard on yourself. Also, ideas won’t always come at a premium and sometimes you’ll develop the infamous ‘writer’s block’. When this happens, it doesn’t mean you’re all used up with ideas, or time to give up. What it means is it’s time for you to take a break and let the unconscious mind flow and lead you to new ideas.

Speaking of the unconscious mind…



Many authors use meditation or self-hypnosis to get ‘in the zone’. If you’re not one to meditate and don’t know how to use self-hypnosis, then go and see a hypnotherapist to ‘inspire’ your unconscious mind to kick ideas into gear.

ideas concept imageSelf-hypnosis can be learned to help with many life and work challenges. I run self-hypnosis workshops to teach the skills so people can do this for themselves.

You see your unconscious mind has within it a wellspring of ideas and dreams just waiting to be tapped into.

Hypnosis can help you become more in tune with your mind and help these ideas get released. Hypnosis can also help you improve on your perceptions for being a better writer, while improving your self-confidence.

Listening to hypnosis session before you go to bed can help plant goals in your unconscious mind to solve while you sleep.

You see the creative spirit doesn’t sleep but instead spends time working through problems of the day for you.

The fact is it’s a process many famous and gifted creative people have used over the years to make breakthrough discoveries and improving the quality of their output and writing.

If improving your writing is an important skill for you to obtain then you should check out this self-hypnosis session here >>>



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