Money Matters Mindset for Baby Boomers

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What are you keeping it for now?

Are you someone who holds onto their money for dear life?

Have you created a nest egg of wealth only to let the egg sit in the nest, never doing anything with it? Do you look at life/money as equating to saving, perhaps for that rainy day? Are you saving money for the next generation (your kids, grandkids) to enjoy one day?

If so, then ask yourself this question… what about me?

After all, life was designed to be about enjoying rather than enduring or merely existing!

Let’s first look at money. What is it?

Actually it is a form of tender which can best be described as energy – potential to do something. How you look at money as well as what you say about it determines what kind of energy it possesses. When you think about energy, how do you see it acting?

Most people see energy as moving – flowing continuously. Well, if money is energy then it too was designed to flow, that is exchanging hands. Energy is continuous and cannot be destroyed, rather it changes form. Money is the same way as you exchange it for goods or services. People refer to people as giving off “positive” or “negative” energy.

In fact, in the study of electricity you see both positive and negative ions. With that said, something can only become positive or negative depending on the charge that you give it. So, what kind of “charge” or label are you giving to your perception of money?

Many people were taught that we live in world of lack, that there is not enough to go around for everyone. Hold on to what you have because you might lose it! Money doesn’t grow on trees!

Actually it does – if you are a fruit farmer and you make your living selling apples, oranges or peaches then money is truly growing on trees for you. The connotation that you give money based on your teaching of it determines whether it is positive or negative.

Furthermore, how you look at it and treat it will determine how it affects your own life in terms of finances.

There is nothing wrong with loving money and wanting to have more. You were designed to live in abundance and help create abundance for future generations. Living in lack or poverty by choice doesn’t equate with sainthood.

In fact, you are not living to your full potential as you have the ability to create wealth and direct the flow of energy (money) in a positive direction. No matter what age or economic class you belong to, there is no limit to the degree of wealth you can seek for yourself. Furthermore, merely “holding” on to what you have doesn’t bring you more as you are keeping energy (money) harnessed from doing what it was intended to do… flow!

Wealth is truly a mindset.

You will only attain as much as you want in life as you believe you’re worth or worthiness to be. If you decide you are deserving of owning and having more, than you shall.

James Allen wrote the timeless classic As A Man Thinketh based on Biblical principles and abundance. It is a great read as it truly teaches we get what we put out there!

To get your mind in Millionaire mode check out this MP3 resource here.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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