The Mind Body Connection – For Healing of Our Health

mind body text imageToday we begin a six-part in-depth look at the subject of the Mind-Body Connection.

I’m excited about this series because it’s been 2 years in the making and collaboration between Free At Last Hypnosis and Dr Peter who agreed to write this series for us.

During the series you’ll discover:

  • What prevents us from being happy?
  • Why smiling really is contagious.
  • How hypnosis helps create connections between mind and body.
  • Can you think yourself healthy?
  • Why GAS isn’t just fuel for your car.
  • How a holocaust survivor overcame the camps using the concepts.
  • And much more.

The beliefs of the Ancient Greeks such as Plato and Aristotle long ago recognized the key connections between the mind and body. They believed the mind and body were not separate but existed as a unit working together. They didn’t believe the body should ever be neglected; even to pursue higher education in order to increase the power of the mind.

The Greeks considered physical activity helped not just the body but the development and growth of the mind. Therefore exercise was described as being “bodily exercise” and highly encouraged.

Plato talked about, “A sane mind in a sane body” and believed harmony could be established between the mind, the body and the human psyche. He felt human perfection could be attained by way of understanding and putting to use the mind body connection.

Stress is a part of almost everyone’s life these days. Work, family commitments – especially raising children – invoke stress daily and our happiness – and health – is dictated by how well we cope with the reality stress is here to stay. We can’t expect to eradicate it but reduce it certainly, but more importantly how best to cope so we can get in a more relaxed state and achieve that “sense of well-being.”

Understanding the mind body connection and following the learning’s Dr Peter shares of others who has gone before will help in making lifestyle changes to take control back of your life.

All of us at Free At Last Hypnosis believe appreciating the Mind Body Connection is a starting point in a lifelong journey of understanding about ourselves. At times it’s a mysterious connection but always fascinating and definitely potent.

I hope you enjoy the series and invite you to post your comments and thoughts here.

You can read The Mind Body Connection – Introduction here.

Erika Slater, CH
Free At Last Hypnosis

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