Living with Teenagers Doesn’t Have to Be Hell

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Ever felt like this with your teenager?

They say that the years of a teenager are often likened to a period of “storm and stress“.

What they didn’t say is who is the one going through the storm, or who is the one who is getting stressed out the most – the teenager or the parents?

There is no doubt about it, living with teenagers is not an easy task as many of them are struggling to find their own identities, striving for autonomy, believing they are wise beyond their years in knowing what is best for them, and in most instances, seeking or creating arguments with their parents any chance they get when it goes against their egos.

What is a parent to do who is living with teenagers going through this period of their lives and causing storms and stress for mom and dad? If you want to learn about the best way to “manage” your time with your teens, then definitely read on!

Many possess anger management problems and frustrations from dealing with their teens.

Intimidation tactics they may have used in the past hold little power. In the past simple discussions worked with children. Due to autonomy and not to mention swift hormonal changes (overall body development in teens), simple discussions do not work anymore, and often times when intimidation fails, parents get very frustrated, angry and even resentful of their teens.

One of the things that is worrisome for some parents is they get used to the “anger” they experience as they not only try to gain control over their teens, but some become addicted to the powerful high that this feeling of control brings them!

For some, the feeling of anger provides them with a sense of power and control. When they feel situations getting out of hand, or teens not listening to them…enter ANGER!

Even though anger is a healthy and normal emotion (when not acted out in an abusive fashion), when it is used to control, manipulate or create fear in children/teens, it sets in motion for children/teens to not only grow up one day to be “angry” parents themselves, but it also fosters resentment toward their own parents in the present.

Teens will start to learn that anger is the answer themselves!

As a parent, it is important to remember 2 important things; 1) Everyone gets angry/frustrated as it is a normal and healthy emotion, and 2) You are not nuts or insane when you get angry. It is how you deal with your anger/frustration which is the most important factor.

The key is effective, open, assertive communication with your tweens/teens is important for not only the relationship you have with your kids, but also to the future of your child’s psychological health.

Speaking with your teens, trying to understand them and their emotions, and encouraging your children to come to you to discuss anything removes the “bad anger” and negative conflict from familial relationships.

Moreover it creates mutual respect and empathy, while fostering a healthy family environment.

When you engage your teens assertively and empathetically, you let them know that you are “really” there to listen to them, and try to understand the storm and stress they are going through.

Now you know parenting teens is much tougher than babies or children here is a resource to help >>>

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