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Living in the moment is all about mindfulness

Here is a major “life style” question for you…

Are you enduring life, literally existing as each new day comes your way? If you answered “yes” to this question, that does not sound very promising.

In fact, it kind of sounds depressing. The reason it is depressing is that life was meant to be enjoyed – Enjoyed to the max everyday! When you are enduring and merely existing, then life is literally passing you by with you being a spectator rather than the actor.

If you are interested in enjoying each new day, then this articles is definitely for you. You are about to embark on truly learning to live in the moment!

Too many people live for the future, you know “when that day comes” that they are literally planning for that day to come, preparing the way for it, but not enjoying the process, the simple steps to get there. Interestingly, when most people look back on the steps they took to get to their end goals, most say that it was all a blur.

You see, they were too busy looking too far down the road, while complaining at how hard it was in the current moment to “get there“, that they missed the best parts of those current moments – the processes.

When you live in the moment you are actively aware of your moment to moment awareness. To be aware of your moment to moment awareness means enriching each and every experience you have by taking them all in by using as many of your senses as possible. How many times have you driven by something, perhaps for months or even years before ever noticing it?

How many times have you heard music, but didn’t pay attention to it until it was almost fading from a Top 10 music billboard.

While everyone was enjoying it, you just heard it as background noise.

Living in the moment requires you to feel with all of your senses whenever they have the chance to participate in the experience – touch, see, hear, smell and taste what is happening to and around you.

When you live in the moment you also focus on your thoughts – the thoughts that you choose to have. When you start to monitor your thoughts, you become aware of the negative ones and have the ability to replace them with positive ones.

Positive thoughts place you in the moment.

When they are “happy” thoughts, they have the ability to energize you in the moment. You are more likely to feel more vibrant and engage in activities, even the one’s you used to avoid or dislike because you now have a new outlook on life… you are living in the moment!

Living in the moment is a process which requires some practice but quickly becomes second nature within a short time.

When you begin to focus with intention on your moment to moment life, you will start to feel a “richness” or enjoyment for living. If you have a difficult time achieving this on your own, you can try hypnosis based CD’s that teach meditative exercises to create this experience.

If you are interested in creating results quicker and more efficiently, visiting a hypnotherapist and under their guidance you can accomplish this intentional living.  Alternatively, you can handle the problem on your own time in your own home for an affordable price with the mindfulness meditation training.

We also have a four-part series on Mindfulness which you can find here >>>

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