Life is an Echo – Baby-boomers

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We are what we think about most

Lost, a boy walking through a valley looking for his father tripped and fell. He hurt himself and yelled, “Ouch!” He heard someone yell back at him, “Ouch!”

Annoyed, the boy yelled, “Shut up! It’s not funny!” A voice yelled back, “Shut up! It’s not funny!”

Becoming more perturbed, he shouted, “You’re a loser!” The voice shouted back at him, “You’re a loser!” Growing more agitated, the boy’s father finally found him as he heard the shouts.

Son, are you okay?” the father asked.

I hurt my foot and someone keeps making fun of me,” the boy replied.

Knowing what was happening, the father smiled at his son and shouted, “You’re a winner!” A voice shouted back, “You’re a winner!” The father yelled, “You can be anything you want to be!”

The voice yelled back, “You can be anything you want to be!”

Confused, the boy looked at his father. His father smiled at him and told his boy that the voice yelling back was an echo – his own voice. He went on to explain to his son that an echo is very much the same way the world works. What we put out comes back to us like our voices.

Our thoughts and beliefs operate much the same way. What we think about most, feel the most and act the most we will become the most.

Many people get to a certain age in their lives and believe that is all they will ever be and/or be capable of becoming. It’s almost as if we reach an age of reflection – a mirror which reflects back to us physical and psychological imperfections. We see the things in life we feel most negative toward or dislike the most.

Furthermore, we then turn these reflections into magnifications.

We become overly critical of ourselves and focus on what we keep doing wrong, or the regrets we have instead of staying focused on the good things we want to bring into our lives. We continually put out a voice of negativity which echoes back negativity and this becomes our reality.

Just as an echo is created by a single voice creating a single word, the voice can change its words and project positive, possibility thinking beliefs. You become what you think about most!

So, who and what do you really want to be?

Perhaps the first question is, “Who do you currently believe yourself to be?” Well, to answer that, ask yourself what do I constantly think about the most? Remember, thoughts become things and what you have been thinking about is most likely to manifest in your life. As a result, you become a by-product of those manifested thoughts. In some cases, you become those thoughts!

Remember the little engine who couldn’t? “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”

If you think you can you will and if you think you can’t you also will – willing negativity and failure.

Is your echo in check? What words are you tossing around in your mind or into the valley of your life? Remember, what you put out will come back so why not start meditating on beliefs that are positive, peaceful, productive and prosperous?

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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