Letting Go and Learning to Love Again with Resources

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Have you ever had your heart broken because someone you loved so deeply and truly, betrayed you, or left you?

Do you believe love only comes around once and when that doesn’t work out, then you can’t truly be in love again?

Perhaps you believe ‘love’ is nothing more than a bill of goods sold to us in fairy tales and greeting cards, and it’s nothing more than an illusion.

If you feel any or all of the above thoughts and beliefs about love, then you most likely want to feel it again, but are afraid you’ll get hurt and can’t bare the disappointment of losing out again.

Let’s face it, when it comes to the feeling and choice for “loving’ someone, there is no greater or powerful emotion in this universe, especially when you choose to love someone unconditionally.



Couple in Love ImageThere are many definitions of love given to us by poets, movies, religion and even our family relationships. For some romantic love happens in a spontaneous moment and for others it’s through a relationship over time that blossom into love.

Though not of the romantic kind this example illustrates the difficulties of defining “love” in any of its forms.

There’s dialogue in the movie “Contact” where the character of Matthew McConaughey asks the character played by Jodie Foster if she loved her dad (who died many years before).

She answered of course she did.

McConaughey’s character then asks her to prove it.

Of course it’s difficult to prove love for somebody as it’s a feeling/emotion and proving something in our world today implies empirical proof, and difficult if not impossible for an emotion like “love.” Sometimes for sure our acts support our love for our children or a spouse but unless we are called upon to perform such an act we are surely stumped to “prove it beyond reasonable doubt” in a normal discussion.

But enough of proving our love for somebody…

However it happens that we “fall in love” isn’t as important as the realization as we grow we change and it’s this change which profoundly tests the resilience of love between two people.

To truly love someone means to totally throw your heart into a relationship, trusting the other person will love you back.

Love Betrayal Concept ImageI’ve heard it said that falling in love with someone just happens, but to ‘love’ someone and remain in love with them is a choice. I will agree with that because when you choose to love someone, you focus your thoughts and feelings on that individual because it’s a by-product, and condition of trust, consideration, fidelity and respect.

When you look at these qualities, these are pretty heavy duty, and really call upon you to commit your emotions and heart to another person, hoping they’ll always have your back.

And when that doesn’t happen, it’s enough to turn your world on end.

This is definitely true when trying to trust someone new with your heart. This can be extremely difficult, and some people find it easier to loathe, even ‘hate’ the idea of loving again.

Once bitten, twice shy so to speak.

But for most of us the urge for companionship and wanting to care for another, and having somebody care about us, exceeds the memory of the pain and heartbreak we felt from previous relationships.

So we look to overcome the painful memories and getting to a point where we’re ready to meet new people and “join the dance” once again.



Mature Couple in Love Concept ImageWanting to love again requires one who is hesitant to not only let their guard down, but release any preconceived notions that ‘love’ is painful, which can influence one to be stand-offish.

The key to finding love is to be receptive to it. Remember, like attracts like.

Having a loving mind and heart will attract love into your life. How can you accomplish this, and perhaps limit or dismiss your apprehensions?

Though it’s a cliché time is a great healer. But for some it can take a long time and they may worry about missed opportunities as they become older.

If this is you then hypnosis is an excellent option for getting you there quicker.

Using hypnosis can help you remove negative thinking patterns you have about love and relationships by reframing your perceptions of them. In fact, your unconscious mind has built up a wall to be resistant to ‘love’ and you created that with your conscious mind. You told yourself probably over and over again you’ll never love again, or let your heart be broken.

Your unconscious mind accepted this as the gospel truth, and you probably unknowingly chase potential dates and mates away because they see and experience your “walls.”

Hypnosis can help remove the “walls,” charge your conscious mind to be more receptive and at ease in meeting people, which will in turn create positive energy you’ll project outward.

What this means is you’ll attract what you put out — positive feelings!

Here is a hypnosis session to help recapture that special feeling and learn to love again >>>



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