Learning to Love Life is a Mindset and How to Get To It!

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Are you an individual who truly loves their life to the fullest?

Do you wake up every morning excited to start the new day with a twinkle in your eye and a spring in your step, ready to enjoy or conquer whatever life has to offer you?

Do you thank God, the Universe or whom or whatever because you’re alive and get to live another day?

In a word, are you ‘enjoying’ life?

Alternatively, perhaps you’re on the other side of “life’s” coin, in that you wake up every morning feeling like you’ve somehow got to get through another day and possess a ‘barely getting by’ mentality, and feel you’re merely existing.

If you were cast on one of the famous ‘zombie’ television shows or movies, you could be one of the walking dead who struggle to move and engage life.

When it comes to life, what’s your story?



Job Boredom Concpet ImageThe fact you’re reading this on my blog means your part of the connected age and most likely live a rushed and hectic life with all the trappings and constraints it brings.

Maybe you work by day in one of the modern “open-space” offices where distractions abound and your productivity most days goes out the window.

The work that was once fun isn’t any longer. Your passion has gone and with it went the fun!

Now, don’t get me wrong. We all have days where life just doesn’t seem fair or things go from bad to worse.

Those are the days you wish you could restart everything or just hadn’t gotten up at all. We all experience “ups and downs” in life and its normal.

Life is wonderful… but not every day.

Often times people have a habit of becoming accustomed to living in self-induced ruts or live their lives by proxy, believing someone other than themselves control their puppet strings.

Furthermore, there are those who are in a continual, perpetual ‘wait for the future’ moment. They forfeit living their lives in the present moment because they believe something monumental is going to happen to them now, or in the near future, or worst case scenario… the distant future.

Basically, they’re always waiting for some magical moment, some ‘Ah ha!’ instant to track them down and make them feel alive.

life change concpetUnfortunately, when you develop this ‘magical thinking’ mindset, you’re whistling ‘Dixie’, in essence putting your life on hold until the stars align and the cosmos light’s your path. This waiting, which some may assert as the self-restricting phrase, “Good things come to those who wait!” is basically an excuse to miss out on living in the moment, and living life.

When you wait for good things, while you’re waiting, those who are living and acting are getting good things in their lives, plain and simple! In a manner, it’s forced “hiding.”

One of the “wealthiest” places in the entire world, and there are many of them, are cemeteries.

They’re filled with beautiful humans who waited for good things to come to them, and they never chased down their dreams. Instead, their dreams went with them, instead of being lived out in reality for others to enjoy as well.

There are those who feel their “dream” has passed them by because of age. “I had a dream but now I’m too old to achieve it.” For most this is just an excuse. There are plenty of famous and rich people who didn’t get stated in life until their fifties, sixties and even older. It’s the passion that’s gone rather than the dream.

It’s one thing to dare to dream, but it’s definitely a grander choice to dare to live your dreams and regain that joy of life.

So, having a love of life is an attitude… a mindset.

Are you ready for a change of mindset?



senior couple camping forestThis seems like a bold statement to make about this section. As if I had a magic formula for getting you into the right mindset to enjoying life to your fullest!

Well, I don’t have a magical formula. But I have a simple path for you to follow.

One of the best ways to truly start enjoying your life to the fullest is to find your passion. Now at this point I can hear some of you saying, “But I don’t have or know what my passion is.” Okay, you’re not the only one with that thought.

But a passion will not come searching for you and hit you on the head saying, “here I am – your passion – pick me up.”

You have to get out of the rut and the mundane things you do repetitiously and engage in trying new activities, events or hobbies.

If you’re bored with your job or career, take courses or volunteer positions in your spare time to see if perhaps there’s a calling you want to fulfill. Do you believe in serendipity? A chance encounter that changes your life, or a door opens because of something else you do that smacks you in the head or ignites a spark.

None of this can happen if you “hide” from the world and don’t explore it.

If you keep telling yourself you’re bored, not enjoying your life or living it to the fullest, then guess what? You’re 100% correct!

Change all begins in your mind and it truly is a mindset.

Coaching to Enjoy Life ConceptToo many people wait around for their life to change for the better. It’s akin to the belief that innovation comes from an inspiration in the moment when in actuality it rarely, if ever, happens that way. Great thinkers couldn’t afford to wait around for the inspiration spark to hit them, they did deep thinking on a methodical and routine basis.

And if you want to get certain things into your life, then you can’t wait around for them to drop into your lap either.

If you need help in finding your passion and joy and just don’t know how to get moving there are folks who can help you. Popular these days are Life Coaches.

These are specialists who help in many ways to navigate you through choices and how you may make them. They don’t make choices for you but guide you.

If getting to the right mindset is a challenge, then there are hypnotherapists who can help you change your mindset. Many life coaches are also hypnotherapists and so you can check for a local hypnotist who has experience in both.

A first step can be listening to a self-hypnosis program to get you moving in the right direction. You can find a relevant session for learning to love life here >>>

When you begin to feel changes in how you think about life, then you’ll start to believe it, and once you believe it… you’ll be unstoppable!



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