Laughter is Good for the Soul – Have You Had Your Daily Dose Today?

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Laughing helps relieve stress in your body

Why so serious?” is one of the famous lines the Joker utters in the Batman movie. So, why are you so serious? Do you have trouble just letting loose, laughing and enjoying life? If so, how come?

It’s funny as kids we were taught by parents not to take life so seriously. You strike out in baseball as a kid, fail a test,  break your mother’s dinner plate… it’s not the end of the world.

At some point just when did the end of the world come into your life – that is the end of your laughter and taking things with a grain of salt? We were always taught not to sweat the small stuff but as we got older somehow we decided to not only sweat the small stuff but also perspire over the big stuff.

For whatever reasons, perspective taking for what was once funny or humorous got clouded with negativity, cynicism and gloom.

Guess what?

You are never too old to laugh and have fun. You want to feel young again and even healthier? Then start laughing – at others, at life… at yourself!

Did you know that every time you laugh you actually reduce the stress in your body?  Laughing actually decreases the hormones in your body which lead to illness while at the same time increasing immune cells that are responsible for fighting sickness.

Sickness… whose laughing now?

Ever feel like your muscles are so tight around your neck, throat, shoulders and upper back? Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Lighten the burden and start laughing! Laughing actually relieves physical tension and smoothes out tight muscles.

You get the same interior feeling you would inside as if getting a massage or experience progressive muscle relaxation during an hypnosis session. This feeling can last almost an hour after your laughter has stopped!

It is interesting to note that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in baby boomers. Heart disease is no laughing matter! With that said, you should start laughing more and finding humor in things for the sake of laughing and protecting your ticker. Some experts assert that the more you laugh the more you protect the heart muscle and vascular functioning.

Laughing actually increases blood flow through the heart and throughout the body. This improves the overall functioning of your blood vessels.

Finally, laughing can change your brain chemistry.

Adding humor on a daily basis can actually change the thought processes which in some cases can trigger various forms of depression and anxiety. When you use humor as part of your “mental exercise” you start to relieve negative thoughts which lead to negative emotions which eventually become negative mindsets. Furthermore, thoughtfulness focused on humor has the ability to create new neural pathways which veer off your traditional road of depressive thoughts.

It’s never too late to laugh.

After all… laughter is the best preventative medicine! I believe that laughter can be a crying matter – when you laugh so hard that it makes you cry, you know your body is being cleansed, especially your soul as tears begin flowing from the windows of your soul.

If you feel you’re ready to lighten up and get more fun and laughter in your life then check out this MP3 hypnosis download session here.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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