It’s Not the Weight Loss Diet that Matters for Losing Weight

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If only weight loss was just about a diet…

When it comes to getting to your ideal weight and staying there it isn’t the diet that dictates success. It’s much more complicated.

Now don’t get me wrong – a diet of junk food or unhealthy snacks isn’t going to help you either, but assuming the diet you’ve chosen is a healthy one in nutrition and portions then what I am suggesting to you is that the diet alone will not be a long-term solution to being your right size.

I’m also suggesting that most diets will work for you.

I have a preference in my weight loss hypnosis programs for protein and vegetable as this seems to work for most people as either a long term diet or until they find something they prefer.

So for the moment that’s the easy diet aspect out of the way – now for the hard part.

The key to being your ideal weight is rethinking food. By this I mean why you eat. Food is required for energy which keeps us alive. Frankly, it’s not needed for anything else.

However, it has evolved into much more. Food has become the center of many people’s lives. They look forward to a meal out, or cooking their favorite pasta dish, or entertaining at parties. Or it has a darker side where it is used to compensate for something missing or dealing with other emotions. It can be therefore a refuge. Either way in these instances it isn’t just to satisfy hunger.

If you can live by this mantra then you’ll be just fine – Eat ONLY When You Are Hungry – When You Are Hungry EAT!

This does not mean don’t go to parties, or dinner with a friend, it just means let your body’s need for food dictate when and how much you eat – and let your diet dictate what you eat.

Alternatively, when you’re hungry – eat. Don’t skip a meal just to make-up for being “naughty” on an earlier meal – this is false penance and not needed. Occasionally, blowing your diet doesn’t mean you have to start all over again. This is too rigid and biologically unnecessary and not rooted in any science.

Now, if you’re “blowing your diet” on a regular basis then you’ve fallen into the trap of eating for other reasons than hunger – most likely it is emotional and to get you out of this spiral you may need some help. If you suspect emotional eating is sabotaging you then read this >>>

Now, let’s circle back to diet. I’m not a certified nutritionist. I am certified in hypnosis and received special training in weight loss and smoking cessation. But I’m not qualified to tell you what to eat or avoid. Having said this disclaimer though, there is enough science about now to suggest that sugars (including carbohydrates) and grains are difficult for the human body to digest and led to complications and… weight gain. You should of course do your own research.

As you choose a diet find one that suits your metabolism and life-style and don’t be influenced by the food pyramid – it hasn’t worked for America since it was introduced – obesity is at epidemic proportions.

I would love to read your comments on this topic. Please use the comment form below to tell me what diet you follow and how it is working for you.

Erika Slater, CH
Free At Last Hypnosis

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