Hypnotherapy Services for Shrewsbury MA Area

Shrewsbury Dean Park

Dean Park Pond in Shrewsbury – popular place for walkers

Shrewsbury is one of the towns that borders my Free At Last Hypnosis business-base in North Grafton. Shrewsbury is a large town based on population and provides quick access to the city amenities of Worcester.

I attract a number of my clients from Shrewsbury because I am close and convenient to them and on major roads – routes 20 – 140 – that links the two towns together.

Clients like Heidi…

"I’m Doing Great!" – Heidi D., Shrewsbury MA
"I’m doing great! Not a smoke. I promised my mother-in-law I would never touch another cigarette and with your help I won’t. I want to thank you as I haven’t even had one craving even thru all the stress of her death. Thank you so much and I passed your name on to a co-worker and told him he should call as it’s worth it. Thank you so much for everything – Heidi."



All my programs are offered in my North Grafton office which is just a 15-minute drive from Shrewsbury Town Center. Directions to my office from Shrewsbury can be found below.

All sessions require an appointment to ensure I allocate enough dedicated time for your private session without time constraints. Group hypnosis sessions are at set dates and times so there is less flexibility but depending on your personal circumstances these may work better.

Most professional hypnotists in the area offer smoking cessation and weight loss programs but I actually quit my smoking habit many decades ago using hypnosis and as far as I know I am unique in that regard among local hypnotists. I know exactly what it feels like to be a smoker and all the concerns you may have if you’re considering quitting. I’ve been there and experienced it all.

I’m also unique in offering a Sugar Addiction Program in addition to my popular Weight Loss Service.

Sugar Addiction has become more prevalent in the last decade as people now understand the processed foods we eat and much of what we drink is drenched in sugar.

For more information about these services and other programs I offer check out my hypnotherapy services page here >>>



Erika Slater CHMy best advice to you is don’t chose the person to help you quit smoking or lose weight or whatever services you seek based solely on lowest cost.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying budget doesn’t come into your final choice but results are more important to you, and should be to the hypnotist as well.

For example, I’ve turned down many a smoker because I determined they weren’t ready to quit. This is a waste of their money and my time because the results wouldn’t have been satisfactory for either of us.

Make sure the hypnotist you interview has experience in the service you need. Ask about their programs so you know what to expect and any preparation required. I know it sounds trite but you should feel comfortable and not awkward with the hypnotist and the information they provide.

For my private programs I always want to talk with a prospective client before they book an appointment. This gives them a chance to ask me questions and see if we are a good match for each other.

I encourage you to check out my reviews and testimonials here >>>



Use the map below to find your best route to my office from your starting point. For more details about my North Grafton location click here.

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