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Northborough Carney Park

Trail head of Northborough’s Carney Park

Northborough is one of my favorite towns to visit in Worcester County. It has a smorgasbord of conservation and trail areas, and places where my husband and I would take our dog for long walks. It also has the first Wegmans to open in Massachusetts – is there anything they don’t sell? – and is close to Solomon Pond Mall.

If you’re looking for healthy exercise without running on busy roads or staring at walls in a local gym then Northborough offers many easy walking trails. Walking as a main exercise is advocated as part of my weight loss service and for regaining lung fitness after quitting smoking.

Walking as a form of exercise seems a lost alternative in these days of aerobic and “push yourself to the limit” programs. It is easy on the joints, enjoyable, and a chance to keep in regular contact with your friends if they need exercise as well.

I cover the Northborough area from my office in North Grafton. Most direct route from the town is Route 20 through Shrewsbury to Route 140 and into my office.

I see an ongoing stream of people from the Northboro region looking for hypnosis services.

People like Dan…

"Soooo Much Easier than Any Other Method…" – Dan Luker MA
"I had smoked for over 40 years. I’d tried everything, classes, groups, counseling, patches, gum, lozenges, Wellbutrin, Chantix, and cold turkey. Most of these I tried over and over and still could not stop smoking. I had 1 session with Erika and I have not had a single cigarette since. In addition it was soooo much easier than any other method I have ever tried. My thanks to Erika for all she has done and I would recommend her services to anyone – Dan Luker"



All my hypnotherapy services are provided in my North Grafton office. Directions to my office from Northborough can be found at end of this page. It’s a 15-minute drive from anywhere in the town.

I offer most of my programs either as private or small group. Most popular are my stop smoking and weight loss services but have seen lots of demand in recent years for my sugar addiction program. I also have services for phobias, anxiety, and confidence – these are all private programs due to the nature of the service and personalization required.

Small groups are maximum of 10 participants to ensure quality and a level of personal attention. Sessions last anywhere from 1-2 hours – I am results oriented and allocate enough time to ensure you get the outcome you’re looking to achieve.

For more information about these services and other programs I offer check out my hypnotherapy services page here >>>



Erika Slater CHYou’re obviously reading this because you’re considering hypnosis as a solution to a problem.

Before picking up the phone or submitting my web form to discuss further with me let me suggest you do a few simple check-ins with yourself.

Hypnosis requires commitment – are you ready? Are you at a point with the problem you want to solve where failing is not an option, and you’ll do anything to succeed? You’ll do what I ask and follow directions and not “wimp out” or take shortcuts? I promise I won’t ask you to do anything that will embarrass you!

Hypnosis requires an open mind – are you ready? Are you willing to trust hypnosis can get you the outcome you want? Don’t turn up to the session with an attitude of skepticism about hypnosis or your ability to be hypnotized because you’ll be proven right – it doesn’t work… for you.

Hypnosis requires work – are you ready? It’s true I see smokers who after one hour with me walk out non-smokers and never have cravings. I see weight loss clients who before their second session have lost 20lbs after doing everything I ask of them. But everybody is different and success is measured in getting to your goal and not how quickly or easily you got there. Be prepared to put in the work by matching my effort – I can’t want it for you more than you do!

Finally, if cost is your bottom line then I’m probably not the right hypnotist for you to be talking to, as I’m sure there are cheaper hypnotists in the area. However, if experience is more important for you then we should talk.

I hope I have not discouraged you. This isn’t my intent. I want you to be successful and ready to make important changes in your life. This is my sanity check for you to ensure you don’t waste your time and money until you’re ready.

And if you are… then pick up the phone and call me on 508.269.0109 today as I can’t wait to hear from you.

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Use the map below to find your best route to my office from your starting point in Northboro. For more details about my North Grafton location click here.

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