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Millbury Dorothy Pond

Dorothy Pond in Millbury is popular for boating and fishing.

My hypnotherapy office is located in the adjacent town to Millbury of North Grafton less than a few minutes’ drive away.

Millbury is one of the towns in the Blackstone Valley National Heritage Corridor – a corridor acquainted with the industrial revolution in the U.S. – the “Mill” in Millbury recognizes all the textile mills that occupied the area at one time. Millbury is also the main exit for city of Worcester on the Mass Pike – Interstate 90.

Millbury also encompasses the scenic Dorothy Pond which is surrounded by residential homes and is popular for recreational sports such as boating and fishing. I took the picture above while walking around the pond in summer – great exercise and great views!

I cover the Millbury area from my office in North Grafton. Depending on where you are in Millbury you have many options for routes – Route 122 from Mass Pike exit 11 takes you to my office in less than 5 minutes

I see an ongoing stream of people from the Millbury region looking for hypnosis services.

People like Jade…

"I Came With a Little Hesitation" – Jade Bredberg MA
"I came to see Erika with a little hesitation. I was not sure how it would work. I had tried everything, cold turkey, patch, gum, Wellbutrin, and nothing seemed to get it out for good – always thinking about smoking. After my first session I felt great! I was relaxed (more than I ever thought possible) – I was different! That smoking thought was gone! In one hour I was a non-smoker. In my mind I was free and clear of smoking. I’m a new changed person. A non-smoker. Thank you! – Jade Bredberg"



All my hypnotherapy services are provided in my North Grafton office. Directions to my office from Millbury can be found at end of this page. It’s a 15-minute drive from anywhere in Millbury.

I offer my most popular programs in small groups as well as private sessions. Most popular hypnosis services include quit smoking and weight loss. As more and more damaging information about sugar addiction through our love affair with processed foods has surfaced I’ve also seen an increase in my sugar addiction program. I also have services for phobias, stress, and self-esteem – these are all private programs due to the nature of the service and personalization required.

Small groups are maximum of 10 participants to ensure quality and a level of personal attention. Sessions last anywhere from 1-2 hours – I am results oriented and allocate enough time to ensure we get the outcome you’re looking to achieve.

For more information about these services and other programs I offer check out my hypnotherapy services page here >>>



Erika Slater CHLight hypnosis is a natural state we all experience every day in one form or another. It is not dangerous and in fact offers an ideal healthy and therapeutic atmosphere to make basic habit and belief changes. Hypnotherapy to help with common services such as smoking cessation and losing weight uses light hypnosis and not the deep trances required for more troubling issues needing deep or regression hypnosis.

For example, hypnosis to tackle quit smoking is akin to the same daydream level you obtain when you get absorbed in a TV program and lose track of time or don’t hear the phone ringing, or when you drive somewhere and don’t remember how you got there.

You’ve been in a hypnotic trance but not realized it. It’s a common occurrence and not dangerous – except the driving example feels dangerous if it impacts our reaction time.

Hypnosis is not about sleep, it’s about being aware of suggestions and remaining in control. It’s about helping to break through the “surface clutter” of our daily thoughts and distractions in our mind and enter into our subconscious mind where our habits and beliefs are held to undo those which are holding us back from being what we want to be.

There is nothing unnatural about the hypnosis process, it is the same one that stamped those now limiting habits and beliefs in our subconscious in the first place. Are you ready to break free from them now?

And if you are… pick up the phone and call me on 508.269.0109 today as I can’t wait to hear from you.

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Use the map below to find your best route to my office from your starting point in Millbury. For more details about my North Grafton location click here.

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