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Milford MA Bike Trail

The Milford Bike Trail

When we lived in Upton, Milford was our go to town for shops and recreation, and my eldest son learnt to play the guitar at the Music Store on Main Street. I still remember the excitement of opening day for the Milford Bike Trail. I’ve also seen the town grow to become a center for medical professionals and invest heavily in the regional hospital with its Dana Farber Cancer Center to become a first-class facility.

Yes, health and wellness is important to me which is why I continue to help as many people as possible quit cigarettes and overcome weight challenges, both with their associated major health impacts.

I still can’t believe how many nurses smoke and continue to do my best to persuade them to quit. Once I even put one of my signs outside the regional hospital!

I cover the Milford area from my office in North Grafton. Depending on where you are in Milford you have many options for routes – Route 140 in Milford takes you through Upton to my office on Worcester Street. If you’re closer to 495 then take the Mass Pike West to the Millbury exit and follow 122 to my office.

I continue to see a steady stream of clients from Milford looking for hypnosis services.

Clients like Pamela and Bill…

"Easier To Stop Eating" – Pamela Delaney, Milford MA
"I find it much easier to stop eating when I am full and I am taking smaller portions and feeling satisfied. As soon as I get on a scale I will let you know for sure. BUT, the last pair of golf shorts I purchased was a 14 down from the 16 I usually wear – Pamela."
"I Lost in the Area of 20lbs" – Bill, Milford MA
"I lost in the area of 20lbs… I have not had any sweets nor had any great desire to have any. The really good news though is that my sugar readings have been very low for me, unless I forget to take meds, and have remained low for months now. This alone was worth going through the program – Bill"



All my hypnotherapy services are provided in my North Grafton office. Directions to my office from Milford can be found at end of this page. It’s a 20-minute drive from anywhere in Milford.

I offer most of my programs either as private or small group. Most popular are my stop smoking and weight loss services but I’ve seen a lot of interest in my sugar addiction program. I also have services for phobias, stress, and self-esteem – these are all private programs due to the nature of the service and personalization required.

Small groups are maximum of 10 participants to ensure quality and a level of personal attention. Sessions last anywhere from 1-2 hours – I am results oriented and allocate enough time to ensure you get the outcome you’re looking to achieve.

For more information about these services and other programs I offer check out my hypnotherapy services page here >>>



Erika Slater CHSimple question, right?

I should be able to provide you with an easy-to-understand answer, right?

The fact is… I can. There’s no reason to shroud hypnosis in mysticism. It’s an accepted therapy by both the U.S. and U.K medical boards. They advocate its use under certain circumstances to speed healing and recovery. It isn’t a replacement for professional medical care for a serious illness but a supplement.

Where it shines is in overcoming habits and barriers to your personal growth and the way you want to be.

Hypnosis is a state your mind goes into when you’re able to shut out all distractions and quieten the thoughts running through your head every minute of the day. It’s about being able to pass through the “surface clutter” of your outer mind and tap into your inner mind that manages your life on auto pilot. Call this what you will – unconscious or subconscious mind – it doesn’t matter.

The fact is you go in and out of hypnosis every day – yes, I’m talking about you!

Whenever you’re absorbed in something – a movie or TV show, or a project at work – and suddenly realize the phone is ringing, the pot is boiling or somebody’s calling your name. When you can’t remember how exactly you got to your normal exit to get home from work – you were in hypnosis focused on something else and your inner mind took over because it has memorized the route.

So it’s not complicated and we’ve all experienced it.

One more thing on this topic – Hypnosis is not a “magic pill” to overcome your decades old habits. It will take commitment and work from both of us to achieve the outcome you desire. You should come to hypnosis fully committed to making it work. In short you’re an active participant in your hypnotherapy program and not a passive bystander. I am your experienced coach/guide helping you navigate to the resources and tools you were born with and which are the keys to you achieving everything you want.

I hope you find this last thought as empowering as I do for you.

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Use the map below to find your best route to my office from your starting point in Milford. For more details about my North Grafton location click here.

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