Hypnotherapy Services for Marlborough MA Area

Marlborough Ghiloni Park

Ghiloni Park in Marlborough – popular family recreation spot

Marlborough in Massachusetts is where the National Guild of Hypnotists holds its convention in August each year. I make it to this hypnotherapy convention most years to stay up to date with the ever-growing expansion in the field of hypnosis. Hypnosis has taken its place in the medical world as a proven tool to help people recover from and overcome challenges.

The August convention is a jam-packed information rich event for professional hypnotists and is a break before the end of summer rush of Marlboro residents looking for hypnosis services for weight loss or to stop smoking.

I cover the Marlborough area from my office in North Grafton, which has a number of route options depending on where you’re coming from in the town. Most clients go Route 495 to Route 90 to Millbury exit and follow Route 122 for 3 miles to my office.

Marlborough – sometimes spelt Marlboro – is in Middlesex County and large in population compared to average in Worcester County. The town provides a steady stream of clients for my services.

Clients like Martin…

"I Hardly Ever Think of Cigarettes" – Martin C., Marlborough MA
"Well, I have the pleasure to tell you that I am currently on my 35th day being smoke free. It seems unreal, but I hardly ever think of cigarettes. Actually, I’ve never had a craving… Even people that know me can’t believe I have quit. I started going back to the gym, but I haven’t made enough progress as to send you a picture yet – maybe in a couple of months. Thanks again for helping me to quit – Martin."



All my programs are offered in my North Grafton office which is just a 30-minute drive from Marlboro Town Center. Directions to my office from Marlborough can be found towards bottom of this page.

All private sessions require an appointment so I can schedule the appropriate amount of time for you. Private sessions usually last between 1–2 hours. My Quit Smoking is one session, whereas my Weight Loss Service is four sessions. Group hypnosis programs are available and at set dates and times so there is less flexibility but depending on your personal circumstances these may work better for you.

First, I want you to know a few things about me. I used to be a smoker and am not a naturally thin person. So if you’re looking for a hypnotist who understands challenges you may be experiencing if getting to your right size or losing the butts then you’ve come to the right place. Both these programs are based on my own personal experiences and not a canned program developed by another hypnotherapist.

I also offer a unique Sugar Addiction Program in addition to my popular Weight Loss Service. I also offer a special self-hypnosis program for those clients who want to learn how to perform hypnosis on themselves so they can continue their own personal growth and development.

For more information about these services and other programs I offer check out my hypnotherapy services page here >>>



Erika Slater CHHypnosis is not a “magic pill” to overcome your decades old habits. While eradicating damaging habits is a perfectly valid goal for you to have it will take commitment and work from both of us to achieve this. You should come to hypnosis fully committed to making it work. If you approach hypnosis to “give it a try” the evidence suggests you will fail – not good for either of us, right?

So now you know you’re an active participant in your hypnotherapy program and not a passive bystander. I am your experienced coach/guide helping you navigate to the resources and tools you already have to overcome smoking or weight concerns, or whatever outcomes you desire.

There are many myths about hypnosis which tend to be because of exposure to stage hypnotists.

Therapeutic hypnosis or hypnotherapy is a different experience with serious outcomes and not for entertainment. You will close your eyes during the session but not be asleep. You will remain aware of your surroundings without it being a distraction. It will be a relaxing experience for you. You will remain in control of your responses at all times. You will remember everything.

In addition to the hypnosis session you will, on some programs, have reinforcement takeaways, and access to client-only resources at our website including MP3 sessions you can download and listen to as often as needed.

For my private programs I always want to talk with a prospective client before they book an appointment. This gives them a chance to ask me questions and see if we are a good match for each other.

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Use the map below to find your best route to my office from your starting point in Marlboro. For more details about my North Grafton location click here.

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