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The Difference in Being Interested in
Losing Weight and Being Committed

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Being committed means no excuses whatever the challenges

Are you “interested” in losing weight or are you “committed” to losing weight? There’s a huge difference in your attitude and what you can expect for results. Let me explain why.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much effort to be “interested” in losing weight. All it takes is reading books and maybe dabbling in a few diet plans, or exercising for a week.

It’s like kindergarten – exploring and tinkering like a kid finding out interesting stuff, but then moving onto the next activity quickly once you’ve lost “interest.”

To move to the next level you must move out of the “interest” zone and make a “commitment” by choosing the right program for you and sticking with it!

Here are some examples of being “interested” in weight loss rather than “committed.”

  • Being interested in losing weight is quitting your weight loss program when on vacation or during the holidays. Commitment is staying on the program no matter where you are or time of year.
  • Being interested in losing weight is sneaking a piece of cake when sugar is forbidden. Commitment is making better choices about foods you eat especially when nobody is watching. After all – who are you kidding?
  • Being interested in losing weight is going out with your friends to a restaurant and choosing that pasta meal you know is not on your diet because it’s just one meal, right? Commitment is choosing a healthy dish from the menu that fits your diet – restaurants are only too happy to substitute items in your order.

Get the picture?

People who are interested in losing weight will fail to lose weight and keep it off. They use words like “try” and “maybe” when describing the weight loss program they’re interested in following. But eventually when it comes to making tough choices about what to eat on difficult days they’ll slip back into the same diet that got them to the weight they’re “interested” in shedding.

People who are committed will do whatever it takes with no excuses and will succeed.

Many people going on a weight loss plan start excited and may even get great results the initial few weeks if they diligently follow the plan, but then give up when they reach the inevitable first plateau. They may even give up not knowing they’re just one or two weeks from the breakthrough that could change their eating habits for the rest of their life.

There is nothing wrong about being just “interested” in losing weight. It just means you’re not yet ready for the life changing habits around food choices you need to make to be successful.

Weight loss is a journey and it can be long for some who have to lose a lot of weight. It is a journey of ups and downs and plateaus, and because of this it requires commitment to succeed and make the journey just once. Making the weight loss journey once is my wish for you.

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