How Your Thoughtful Mind Wags Your Robot Body

mind body soul spirit imageDescribing your body as a robot is probably a little controversial for most of us – it conjures up mind control and scenes from the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” if you ever saw it.

But it’s happening everyday to us and for good reason – and there is nothing sinister about it.

This concept and some others are explored in Dr. Peter’s fourth installment of his Mind Body connection series entitled “Mind Body Connection – Seeing is Believing.”

We are creatures of habit and once we have practiced an activity enough – lighting a cigarette or learning to type – it becomes second-nature to us and controlled by our subconscious mind which sends the signals to our body to perform the function even without us thinking consciously about it!

While we may feel we are doing it without thinking the reality is, it’s your subconscious mind doing the thinking rather than your conscious mind.

In the instance of a habit our body is merely responding to the commands sent from the subconscious because it’s programmed that way – we are effectively on autopilot.

As you can tell from the examples chosen it can be a good habit or talent as Dr. Peter defines for activity of typing, or a habit we could perceive as bad – like smoking. If your still a little skeptical then thinking about the simple act of breathing. When you’re asleep your subconscious mind sends the signals to the body to keep breathing – good job it does

In this installment Dr. Peter also explores how successful people adopt the concept of “believing is seeing” as they exercise control over their own lives and recognize that what they think about influences how they feel, which in turn translates to the actions they take. Successful people think predominately positive thoughts to help create health and happiness.

Dr. Peter also explores phobias and their roots and how we can be controlled by them even when rational thinking exposes them as completely unfounded in any reality.

I hope you enjoy discovering more about this way of thinking in our Mind Body Connection series.

Read Part IV of our series here.

Erika Slater, CH
Free At Last Hypnosis

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