How to Turn Knowledge into Action

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Are you a life-long learner, perhaps perpetual student, always taking new courses just in case because you never know, after all knowledge is golden?

Do you have all of this knowledge and smarts but don’t really do anything with it?

Perhaps you are a “jack of all trades” when it comes to education and book smarts, but a master of none so to speak. Why have all of this wonderful knowledge but not garner the wisdom which in fact brings it to life and makes it useful?

Are you afraid of applying it to the real world because you might fail at trying something new?

Some people possess tremendous book smarts and are walking Wikipedias! They always have the answers for everything it seems, across a whole plethora of subject matter. When you ask them about their experiences in the real world for having actually participated in situations that pertain to these smarts, they have none. All of their information is from books or watching TV.

You wonder how someone can have so much knowledge from doing so little. They have merely sat on the sidelines of life, never putting anything into action. Most of these folks either lack ambition to do anything with their knowledge, or truly feel that real life experiences are too intimidating in that they would fail if they tried. Or could it just ne plain procrastination?

Interestingly, some folks never try because they are literally too lazy to move into action.

Some feel that just knowing the information is enough. In fact, the learning may have been too much work in itself, so why try doing anything with the knowledge as it would merely mean more work. The learning and reading of information may be the easiest part in their experience so why sweat and actually engage in physical activity?

On the other hand, some folks have the knowledge and perhaps even the drive to want to move into action. With that said, they may be on the brink of applying their knowledge when suddenly something within themselves says, “Stop, don’t try, you are not good enough!” This way of thinking echoes lack of confidence and self-esteem.

Instead of trying, an inner fear rules them and renders them helpless from actually trying to apply what they have learned.

Some folks may have went to school for medicine, but worry they might make someone sick if they were an actual doctor. Someone could have learned about mechanics, but are afraid to apply their craft to fixing planes because they worry that they might do something that leads to a plane malfunctioning.

Can this fear or lackadaisical approach to applying great knowledge be corrected?


One of the best and quickest methods for achieving this is through hypnosis. Hypnosis removes the “blocks” or negative thinking patterns in the unconscious mind by putting in more positive cues which lead to more empowering thoughts. Whenever an individual begins to spiral towards thoughts which make them not want to try, post-hypnotic suggestions quickly supersede those old thoughts and new ones motivate them to move toward action.

You literally will start this new and amazing intrinsic motivation to move into action!

If you feel like you have a lot of knowledge but just need help in turning that into action then this self-hypnosis session may just be what you need >>>

Dr. Peter
Staff Editor
Free At Last Hypnosis

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