How to Work Better From Home

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Working from home can have many distractions and impacts…

Today more than probably anytime in the industrial and post-industrial revolution history are more people working from their homes.

The continued evolution in technology, namely the Internet provides a plethora of new white-collared, administrative and writing jobs that individuals no longer have to worry about traffic, driving expenses, the weather, a large business wardrobe or unfriendly co-workers.

Many people are their own bosses, receptionists, administrators and assistants all rolled into one.

At first blush it looks exciting, fun in that you get to live your days on your terms, and best of all convenient.

The key to this type of career is the “freedom” and self-efficacy it allows the individual. With this much freedom and responsibility also comes self-discipline which is the hallmark of this kind of career and being successful at it.

Do you truly have what it takes to work from home and be successful at it – DISCIPLINE?

The most difficult part of working from home according to most “home-based” career minded individuals is the distractions that one encounters throughout a typical work day. When you work from home you have access throughout the course of the day to all of your comforts of life, namely the ones of the “entertainment” variety – TV, video games, couch/bed, hot tub, swimming pool, the pets, friends calling, and even your kids.

If these pleasant distractions don’t take away from your productivity, then you also have “free time“, or at least that is your perception whereby you can take long breaks or lunches, like ones of the “all day variety” to go shopping, visiting with friends, the beach or other fun activities.

Everyone likes to have fun, and yes people do have fun at traditional office jobs, but the difference is there is a greater accountability to supervisors and co-workers around them, they have more organized schedules, and most importantly, they don’t have their kitchen fridge they can constantly raid, pop open a cold one and go and take a two hour break while catching a flick on the movie network!

The key to being highly successful in working from home is to be structured and disciplined.

It is all about paying attention to details, in this case the goals are getting accomplished the tasks at hand each day. Basically, one has to develop a school kid’s mentality delegated upon them by concerned parents,

There is no going outside and playing with your friends, or your video games until you get all of your homework finished!

Get the point?

Your “homework” is really just that – work that you are doing from home because this is it, your career!

What if you have a difficult time staying focused and completing the tasks at hand? Self-discipline is a mindset based on thoughts and beliefs. The best part of this is thoughts and beliefs can be easily changed.

You can change them through sheer will power.

If this is not working for you, then hypnosis is an exceptional aid. Under hypnosis, you can learn to re-script your thoughts and beliefs that are success-based driven. Furthermore, you can be taught unconscious aversions to “loafing” around certain vices when you are supposed to be working.

Post-hypnotic suggestions can and will keep you and your mind from wandering off and engaging in distractions when you should be working.

If you find it hard to get started and concentrate properly when you’re working from home then check out this week’s hypnosis download session to get you being super productive here >>> 

Dr. Peter
Staff Editor
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