How to Overcome Aversions to Eating More Healthy Foods

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Want to replace sugars with these?

This year, which by the way has only really just begun, had many people setting as their resolutions that they would begin eating healthier.

When discussing healthy eating, it means eating foods high in fiber and nutritional value, and less in processed sugars, fats and additives. When you discuss “healthy foods” in this light, fruits and vegetables come to mind instantly.

Interestingly, fruits and veggies are some of the most colorful foods on the face of this planet, and their beauty and nutrition occurs naturally, yet so many people are just so reluctant to eat these healthy foods.

Why the heck is that?

Eat all of your vegetables, or you are not leaving the table, or getting desert!“, was the favorite past-time most people heard as kids from their parents, well at least the generations before this current “Y” generation. What happened was a conditioned response was created for people who weren’t the keenest on veggies.

You see, if it was “something you were forced to eat” by your parents, then it must mean that it must not taste that good, much like cough syrup.

Add to the fact that it was being forced upon you, almost like some kind of sadistic punishment, and it meant forfeiting desert if you didn’t finish your greens, then your perception was, “It must be bad!” From that day forward, many people developed aversions, or a complete disdain for veggies because of their early family dining experiences.

Fruits were not immune to this way of thinking as well!

Many kids were duped into believing that fruit was just as tasty as candy, but upon repeated experiences, they soon learned that there weren’t even close. Candy trumped fruits and has led us to the plague of adult sugar addiction prevalent today. Hence, fruits and vegetables became the enemy! Enter adulthood…

As adults, many health practitioners and doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, etc. preach that people as a general rule do not consume enough fruits and vegetables each day. The experts on dietary guidelines state that people on average should consume anywhere between five to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables per day. If you were to break that down into serving sizes that would roughly be 2½ to 6½ cups of fruits and vegetables per day.

Of course this also depends on your caloric intake.

There are excellent nutritional conversion tables on-line you can Google to see what meet your specific needs. When in doubt, the best place to start is with a nutritionist or physician.

Many people do not like fruits and vegetables because of the aversions they developed as children either because they were forced to eat them, or they simply had a disdain for the taste of them.

But for those trying to lose weight, improve their health and develop better eating habits, fruits and vegetables are the place to start.

If you can’t start eating them on your own because you can’t seem to acquire a taste for them, then hypnosis can help your taste buds become more accommodating.

A hypnotherapist can help remove all aversions associated with fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, they can actually place suggestions in your mind that can create an intense desire to eat them, as both perceptions for taste, as well as the end results of consuming them become exceptionally favorable!

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