How to Tell if You’re Addicted to Stress

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Waiting for last minute is an addiction for some

Recently I was asked by someone who just read my book What’s Your Anger Type? if you can be addicted to stress much the same way one can become addicted to anger which I described in my book (anger addiction is often associated, correlated or provoked by the adrenaline rush caused by the anger).

I thought for a moment and responded, “Absolutely!

Yes, I would say there are a vast majority of people walking around addicted to stress or living according to its detrimental rules… it’s ruling them!

Why stress? Isn’t there something healthier and more positive to become addicted to?

One would think that but stress serves a purpose, on occasion, however it’s using this same purpose beyond “occasion” which gets stress junkies into trouble.

Let me explain…

Have you ever heard someone, perhaps your own lips say, “I work best under stress?”

If so, this is where people as well as you believe stress is the prime motivator for accomplishing things. You believe that the only way you will ever get anything done is if you are stressed out.

Furthermore, most people who use or require stress to “get things done” are most likely procrastinators, i.e. waiting to the last minute to get things done. By this point, one literally has the gun of stress pointed to their head and they must react “stress-fully” to avoid failure.

Guess what?

They come through, get the job done and then feel relieved! What they have created and learned for themselves is a conditioned response. It goes something like this.. .”I work best under stress and seem to always get things done at high noon!” They start to believe the only way to accomplish things, or that giving their best is to work under stressful conditions.

Just imagine if they didn’t work under stress and did things calmly, gently and more easily?

Guess what? I bet they would still “get things done” perhaps with the same result if not better! Then again, who is to argue with their success? If it isn’t broken then don’t fix it.

This sounds reasonable, however when you live with this intense, adrenaline ripping stress repeatedly, it is bound to break things… namely emotional and mental well-being, as well and physical health!

There are two personality Types; A and B.

Type “A’s” are time urgent, competitive, even hostile and aggressive. They are often viewed as go-getters. If you are running a company, you are most likely wanting these personality types below you to “get the job done“. They are most likely the ones to “live and die by the sword” of stress. They got the job done.

Then there are the Type “B’s”. They are more passive, easy going, non-competitive and meticulous. They take a lot longer to get the job done, but they get the job done. In fact, they are a little better at budgeting their time as they start sooner rather than running around with a gun to their head. Even though they take longer, they are less likely to feel ill or run down as Type “A’s” do.

Type “A’s” can only run the proverbial gauntlet so long before they reach burnout.

This is because many are addicted to stress and don’t know any other way. Much like an alcoholic, eventually the vice will consume them – in this case their stress!

The key to using stress effectively as a motivator is to use it on occasion and not continually. When it is used all of the time, the mindset becomes one of “stress” and the mind marinates in what it knows… STRESS!

If you’re ready to reduce the stress but can’t seem to get off the feeling it gives you but know you’re doing long-term damage to your health then take a look at our stress reduction program using hypnosis and take advantage of our free phone consultation to see if we can help.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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