How to Tap into Your Genius Mind

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Who do you think of as a genius?

Did you know that everyone has the potential to be a genius? When you ask most people who or what they perceive a genius to be it is no surprise they mumble the name “Albert Einstein“.

Truly without much argument, Einstein is the poster boy image for what a genius is made up to be. Let’s face it! None of us can be like or be Albert Einstein because he was unique just like you are. Furthermore, you also possess the ingenuity he was able to harness.

You see, experts believe Einstein was a cut above everyone in his time because he was able to utilize both sides of his brain (the left and right hemispheres) whereby he was able to tap into both logical and creative aspects of understanding simultaneously. Most people are usually either left or right side brain dominant hence they never tap into their potential for genius.

With modern science and psychology, information is now made available in terms of how to be more like Einstein in his ability to be creative, think outside of the box and become a genius.

Are you ready to tap into your genius?

If you really want to work both sides of your brain in much the same way Einstein did, there are two distinct ways to go about it.

The first way is learning and mastering meditation. There are multitudes of differing meditation methods to choose from and the time to take to master each type will vary amongst individuals. Also, when learning to meditate, “patience” which is a virtue amongst most geniuses, which will become a requirement for meditation. Perhaps that in itself is enough to deter you.

With that said, this takes us to option number two – Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the fastest and most effective method for not only taping into the unconscious mind, but also for helping individuals work with both sides of their brains simultaneously. Like meditation, there are a multitude of styles and CD’s to choose from when engaging in hypnosis. The best way to ensure the most effective results would be to work with a trained clinical hypnotherapist who can help you get into the deepest trance state needed to start working with your mind.

Some hypnotherapists will use induction techniques whereby they put you into a trance state and then coach you into developing a greater awareness of your facilities which means shifting between right and left hemisphere functioning. The hypnotherapist will help by creating post hypnotic cues and suggestions and placing them in your unconscious mind to think more intentionally in your everyday waking life, thus utilizing both hemispheres of your brain.

Another approach highly trained hypnotherapists use is NLP (neurolinguistic programming) which tapes into the neuropathways of your brain thereby creating newly highly functioning slopes. These new slopes or pathways help you to deviate from old and conservative patterns of thinking and help generate new creative pathways to tap into.

The best part of using hypnosis for increasing ingenuity is its timing and effectiveness. You are well on your way after the first session. Furthermore, MP3’s are a great supplement to the hypnosis sessions which will help you into becoming a genius!

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