How to Tame Your Inner Critic

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Did this ever happen to you?

Have you ever heard the expression, “I am my own worst critic!“?

I am sure you have, but if you have not, I am sure you can definitely relate to what this expression is all about – even though we may face tough times and come across difficult people, we are usually toughest on ourselves!

What gives with that?

How dare you kick yourself when you are down or even feeling great!

In the past, parents/teachers believed the best way to motivate kids was to criticize them or undermine what they did with the hopes they would do even better the next time.

A child comes home with their report card, grinning ear to ear and shows their parents that they received a grade of “A” overall.

As the child stands there awaiting kudos and a pat on the back, their parents chime in, “Why didn’t you get an “A” plus? We know you can do better, you just need to apply yourself more!

It is easy to understand why some parents are doing this as they really want their kids to do exceptional things in life, but when this approach is used by parents, teachers, coaches, etc., the seeds of “personal critic” are being planted whereby one starts to wonder, think or believe, “Gee, I could have done better, I want to do better…I need to do better!

That is a great attitude to have, but not when you are giving your best and then beating yourself up for not being perfect.

It’s time to stop putting yourself down for not being perfect, even though you did you best, or even making mistakes doing the simple things in life. Learning from an experience and trying to do better for the next time is one thing, but criticizing yourself is a self-destructive method sure to only lead to greater frustration.

Sometimes people who are overly critical of themselves will become complacent or avoid trying things altogether because they expect to be less than perfect and just do not want to deal with the criticism of others, especially their own little criticizing voice.

The first step to turning around this “criticizing” pattern is to first realize it is okay to make mistakes, heck everyone does!

Tame the little voice inside that keeps telling you that you must do better next time. You do not need the added pressure, trust me, it is easy enough to make mistakes without there being pressure.

Let go of the continual need to meet the standards set by others, especially those from your past. These people probably meant well, but live according to the standards you set for yourself, ones you are most happy with, and definitely doing things within your power that you are capable of doing.

Finally come to the realization that no matter how good you are at something, or do something, you can always find something “wrong” with what you did, even the “perfect” things.

Instead of looking for the flaws, focus on what you did well, and if you are meaning to build on anything, build on what you do best!

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