How to Swallow Your Own Magic Pill to Get to Where You Want to Be

mind body soul spirit imageWe’ve become a nation of people in search of the “magic pill” to solve all our problems. The pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession have conditioned us to expect there is a pill we can take to make us better for almost any ailment we may experience.

And so we come to expect the same in solving our non-medical problems. Smokers want to quit by using a patch or having a hypnotherapist metaphorically “taking out their brain and scrubbing it clean.” People who want to lose weight look for the magic “diet plan” that’ll melt the fat away. And yes there are pills that purport to help smoker’s quit and people to lose weight.

We tend to look for the easy way out – something that somebody or something does to us without our active participation to overcome any health issue or unwanted habits.

But as most know – for kicking unwanted habits – there isn’t a magic pill!

Or is there?

Dr. Peter has explored various angles of how our thoughts control our body through feelings in our special Mind Body Connection series, and in this sixth and final installment entitled “Mind Body Connection – Putting it All Together” he argues the magic pill we seek is within ourselves and we just have to learn how to swallow it.

When we’re happy our bodies release their own drugs – or “pills” if you will – and these include dopamine and endorphins. If you’re sad then you generate noradrenaline and cortisol into your system which has some not so good impact on the body, and the longer you experience sadness the more likely you are to experience depression and anxiety. Being sad and depressed puts your body into a state of “dis-ease” and susceptible to illness.

Most of us spend our day focused on negative thoughts which creates a preponderance of bad chemicals in our body and not good for our health, or as an environment for quitting cigarettes, or doing the activities and making good food choices to get our weight under control.

We control our thoughts… and so we have a choice on whether they’re positive and releasing the contents of “good pills” into our bodies, or if our focus is on negative thinking and we pollute our bodies with bad chemicals by swallowing “bad pills.” We decide which Magic Pill to swallow at any moment of each day by our thoughts.

And once you realize you have the power to control which “pill you swallow” by just your thoughts and start to use this revelation in your daily life, then you’ve discovered the key to your own Mind Body Connection, and the impact on your life will be profound.

I hope you enjoy discovering all about your own magic pill and how to swallow it in our Mind Body Connection series.

Read Part VI of our series here.

Erika Slater
Free At Last Hypnosis

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