How to Stop and Eliminate Panic Attacks

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Do you feel like pushing this sometimes?

Have you ever felt like you are about to lose it, that is complete control of your mind and body? Your head starts to feel light, but at the same time heavy and spinning.

Your heart starts to race a mile a minute, while everything around you seems to contort, distort and blur. Your palms start to puddle with perspiration while your body starts to burn up from hot flashes, only to be instantly relieved by the sudden chill of sweat which soaks you from head to toe.

While in that moment when everything around you sounds like it is under water, you do your best not to think about worrying how you are feeling because if you do, you are sure to convince yourself that you are going to pass out. The nausea which invades your stomach is so overwhelming!

Welcome to the experience of a panic attack!

What are panic attacks? Panic attacks are a type of psychological disorder listed under anxiety disorders. People who are under a lot of stress with no support systems to cope with it usually will begin to develop anxiety – being overwhelmed by their stress.

You see, sometimes people have anxiety so bad they don’t even know it.

They do their best to distract themselves, ignore it or convince themselves they are fine and can continue on continuing on the level of stress they experience in their lives.

Eventually it catches up to them and they start to have mild to intense panic attacks where they really bottom out. The attack may mimic the signs of a heart attack causing the individual to “panic” which creates further worry and before they know it, they are escalating through the symptoms of a panic attack.

When people experience intense panic attacks, they may actually faint or momentarily black out. When they come to, they feel much better and actually “relieved“.

The whole attack served nothing more than an instant stress release, however it does not eliminate the major perception for what is causing the stress. This goes much deeper in terms of lifestyle and coping skills. As the stress continues to build in one’s life, the occurrence and intensity of panic attacks become more common.

What can you do to control or eliminate panic attacks?

One word sums it up… RELAX!

People with anxiety who are stressed out need to learn how to relax. This is best achieved by de-stressing on a regular basis. Doing things that are relaxing, recreational and bring joy are the best types of activities that serve as escapes from the stressful and mundane rigors of everyday living.

Exercise or walking alone provides tremendous benefits.

I strongly encourage meditation or hypnosis. Both have the amazing abilities to not only help the individual relax and de-stress, but hypnosis has the ability to get to a much deeper level where stressful perceptions and memories are stored in the unconscious which trigger panic episodes.

Under the guidance of a skilled hypnotherapist, the unconscious mind can release disturbing thoughts, images and memories which trigger panic attacks.

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Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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