How to Stay Clear of Diet Busters

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Can you spot your diet buster here?

If you have gotten to the point of losing the weight that you wanted to, or are in the process of still taking it off, the last thing that you want are temptations thrown in your way as obstacles to your success.

The presence of having foods around that will cause you to cheat on your “eating right” diet can undermine your success. You can start your days with the best of intentions, steering clear from all “bad foods” and then suddenly you find yourself cowing down on that vary thing you wanted to avoid at all costs. Why?

The easiest answer is opportunity presented itself and you seized the moment! How do you get rid of these “opportunities“? Easy… Put things out of sight and out of mind!

The key to steering clear from diet busters is to keep them out of your vision, and some would assert out of your mind.

This can be accomplished two ways.

The first is the most obvious which is keeping the diet buster food away from you. This means getting it out of your house, not buying it, or not going to those fast food places where it lurks. The second method is taking it to the level of “out of mind.” In this method you eliminate thoughts of the specific food, or create an aversion in your mind that you dislike it.

This is accomplished through hypnosis.

Hypnosis is an excellent tool for removing thoughts and things from the mind’s eye by implanting post hypnotic suggestions that help you deviate away from thoughts or focus on things that you normally would. That includes food, you know the ones that you want to steer clear from?

With the help of a trained hypnotherapist you can create a plan for staying away or creating an aversion to specific foods (your typical diet busters) while at the same time creating thinking patterns that have you gravitate to healthy foods instead like fruits and vegetables.

The process is simple, fast and effective!

How it works is you and your hypnotherapist create a list of diet buster foods you want to eliminate from your diet. When you are in the hypnotic trance state, the therapist will have you see, feel and even have you telling yourself that the diet buster is “bad“, it is “disgusting” and that, “Just the thought of it turns you off of it completely!

Some people are so surprised at how fast these results work that even when they establish their ideal weights and have not had hypnosis for years, they still dislike the food and avoid it.

Some hypnotherapists may want to impart “replacement cues” which mean that whenever you crave your diet buster, that is the trigger or cue for you to instantly crave a healthy food like a fruit or vegetable, or even go for a walk.

Ironically, the diet buster food becomes the catalyst for healthy eating and even walking or exercising. Who would have thought it!

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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