How to Relax On Your Favorite Beach – Every Day!

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When you ask most people the question, “If you could go anywhere to escape life, where on God’s green earth would you go?” Many will often times respond with some gorgeous beach in some quiet, deserted part of the world.

They add to their responses that they want to go somewhere quiet and away from the noise, this noise the metaphor for the stress, rigors and responsibilities of their everyday lives which can become extremely overwhelming. The beach becomes the symbol of peace for most people – soft sand, clear blue skies, lazy palm trees dancing in the light warm breeze, gorgeous emerald blue water, and of course…no worries!

Can you see yourself signing up for this? What if you could have this say… anytime?

The vision of the beach is very appealing to most. Many even get to the beach when their vacation finally arrives, which always seems to be days, weeks and months down the road. They gripe to themselves, “Just get me to such and such date on the beach and…“.

Interestingly, once they finally get to the promised beach, many still can’t just let go. They have brought their worries, concerns and stresses with them to their paradise.

Say what?

Yes, worries and concerns are not firmly planted to where you live your lives. Instead, wherever you go, you take them with you. Welcome to paradise not free of stress and worry!

So, if running away to a beach isn’t the answer, then what is?

How about bringing the beach to you each and every day! This way when you get to the actual tropical destination, your worries and stresses can remain in your luggage.

How does one go about doing that? After all, you just can’t bring Fiji or Bora Bora to you!

Relaxation is all a mindset! Just think about this for a moment or two. How do you feel right now when you take a few deep breaths and imagine yourself on a tropical beach; seeing, feeling, smelling, touching and tasting the surroundings?

Feels so amazing, so real and relaxing, doesn’t it? Yet, you are not there. You have brought it to you in your mind’s eye. In fact, this might be more relaxing to you than actually going to the real beach and bringing your stress and worries with you.

Remember, it is all in your mind literally in how you perceive anything, whether it be the beach or iron jungles of the city – whatever you set your mind to as being most relaxing!

Hypnosis is all about tunnel vision and heightened awareness in that you are able to focus 100% and really get into the experience that you are concentrating on. This concentration is so intense that it feels so real. Stress feels so intense and real to many because it has 100% of their attention. Conversely, hypnosis can train your mind through post hypnotic suggestions to go to the beach in your mind’s eye each time you are experiencing lots of stress and worry.

If the beach is what provides you will overwhelming peace and tranquility, then you can set it as your desired destination in your unconscious GPS. Whenever you feel life getting the best of you, you can dial into your GPS and feel instant relief.

Your real vacation maybe weeks or months away on the calendar, but why wait when you can go to your own private beach now! Want to do it today? Read below…

So if you’ve already entered the fantasy space in your head dreaming about your favorite beach listening to the gentle lapping of the waves with your eyes closed, then here’s how to get there today and made easy with a recorded hypnosis session on your MP3 – click here for more info >>>

Dr. Peter
Staff Editor
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