How to Prevent Excessive Worry

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Do you worry about things you can’t control?

Are you a worry wart? Do you think about those thoughts or about things that cause your mind to drown in worry and apprehension? Do you obsess over the worst possible things that can happen, or hope for the best and expect the worst?

If you are one of those individuals who feel trapped in the spaces of your mind, which is saturated in worry, then this article is definitely for you.

Most people worry about things that are not even worth worrying about!

Some people believe that if they worry about something, they can in some irrational way control the thing that they are most worrying about, preventing it from coming to pass.

As a matter of fact, the more people worry and believe they are controlling their circumstances, the more they relinquish the ability to focus on rational thoughts and this makes things feel out of control!

Often times worry is inherited from parents, siblings or role models. Worry is an irrational “feeling“. It is a trait that is learned from or absorbed from being around people as a child and into your teen years.

These people worry about everything.

Worry becomes almost engrained instantly where you are raised in households which foster separation anxiety – treating you as if something bad is always on the verge of happening if you are out of your loved one’s sight. When it gets to this level of excessive worrying, you can see how things can become irrational fast!

The first thing you have to ask yourself is, “What is worrying about something getting you?” The answer is more worry, greater apprehension and fear about changing what it is you are doing because you are “worried” that change will bring something even worse!

The key is to prevent excessive worry when you don’t need it.

Sure it is okay to worry about rational things, perhaps medical procedures, jobs like being a part of the armed services or policing, or being a dare devil, but outside of that, you are engaging in everyday, repetitious living and you shouldn’t be worrying about living.

What can you do to stop worrying? Well as the bestselling author Richard Carlson teaches in his inspired works, “Don’t sweat the small stuff!

You see when people start becoming masters of worrying over the big things, this becomes habitual for them and they start applying it to the small stuff – redundant, everyday activities. They place their minds into “high alert” states of worrying over everything. And the best way to not worry about the small stuff is to just let it go.

This comes about by meditating on positive things and distracting your mind from the worrisome thoughts you have created.  Of course this takes time and practice, but each time you have a worrisome thought, you need to quickly shift your attention to something positive or happy.

Some of you reading this will say it sounds so simple and too easy to produce results. Well, the simplest things are sometimes the most effective as in this case.

If you are a person who struggles and keeps winding up in negative, worrisome thinking patterns, then you might want to try hypnosis/self-hypnosis.

A good hypnotherapist can help you create new mental scripts as well as post hypnotic suggestions for whenever you worry those thoughts are immediately replaced with positive, happy thoughts!

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Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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