How to Overcome Dental Phobia

Dentist Room Image

Why are we so afraid of visiting this room?

Do you know what the top three phobias/fears that people possess are according to many surveys? Perhaps you might think it is flying, heights or even spiders.

Well even though those are up there, the top three include public speaking, death and going to the dentist.


Why are so many people afraid of going to the dentist? Do they think and believe dentists are some sadistic professionals with the sole goal of handing out pain?

Well, when I dug into this, I found that most people who are afraid of the dentist are afraid of the drill!

And when you “drill” into the matter deeper, it is actually the needle for freezing roots and gums that runs neck and neck with the drill. So, it’s not that people are afraid of “dentists” as a whole, rather a couple of the methods they still use.

In fact, the methods have become so technologically advanced over the last 10 years and continue to improve that I am sure the drill and needle fears will soon become a thing of the past!

Often times dentists got and still receive a bad perception from those fearing them because of how “barbaric” approaches and methods are portrayed in media or movies, often times in jest. People hold onto that perception without even having a “bad” experience happen to them and develop this unfounded fear of going to the dentist.

Often times when you ask people was it as bad as you thought it was going to be after they are safe and sound, hundreds of yards or miles away from the dentist’s chair, they will say, “No, it wasn’t at all!

Expectation plays a big role when it comes to being afraid or not being afraid of going to the dentist.

Basically, where the mind goes, thoughts will flow – fearful thoughts create and perpetuate self-fulfilling prophecies of worry and anxiety. Can this worry and/or fear of going to the dentist be alleviated or overcome for those afraid of dentists?

The answer is yes and this can be achieved through hypnosis.

How can hypnosis help those afraid of going to the dentist? It helps much the same way one psyches them self out to be afraid in the first place… by planting thoughtful seeds, but these ones are laced with positive expectations and outcomes.

A good hypnotherapist can help an individual overcome their apprehension of dentists in two ways, first by teaching them how to relax, and second to overcome the irrational fear they may possess.

First off, through the guidance of a hypnotherapist one can learn to not only relax during the dental visit, they can learn to relax before they even get there as well as relaxing at the anticipation or thoughts of the dentist. Through hypnosis, individuals can learn positive associations between dentists and relaxation.

A hypnotherapist can help an individual retrain their thoughts that they view dentist visits as the most relaxing experience they can imagine. Furthermore, they can get to the point where they view a dental visit the same way they view going for a massage – worry free!

Second, hypnosis can help individuals replace existing worrisome thoughts of dentists with positive, happy thoughts. Perceptions and or/bad experiences associated with dentists can be modified to reflect positive experiences, even when none have happened yet. Remember, it’s all about expectation!

If you possess an irrational fear of dentists, try hypnosis, what do you have to lose? I promise, there is no drilling!

Check out this MP3 session designed to help overcome your fear of the dentist here.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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