How to Live Your Life without Limiting Barriers

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Our thinking can help or create barriers to our success

In today’s post I want to discuss fears and habits and how there is hope for you to overcome whatever phobias or thinking are holding you back or causing you to live your life less than you want.

Firstly, fears are like habits – they are learned. They are part of how we think about something.

We are born with only two fears: the fear of falling and loud noises – no more, everything else is learned through environment and events. Don’t worry; I’m not going to discuss regression and the need to think back to what happened to make you afraid of spiders or heights. Likely you can’t remember anyway, and it would take some regression sessions with a trained hypnotherapist to uncover this anyway.

So, if this premise is accurate and you learned your fears then you can unlearn them. By keeping your fears you’re making a choice to let them control you.

Maybe this sounds a little harsh to you but I’m of no use if I can’t present a different scenario for you – and a positive one. You can make a choice to move on from your fears. After all, you unlearned your fear of falling and loud noises, or at least how to control those fears fairly quickly as you grew up.

Let me take this to the next level for you.

If you learned to be afraid of something you can learn to be unafraid. If you learned to think about something a certain way then you can learn how to do it differently. If you learned to instill a habit not serving you well anymore then you can learn how to eradicate that habit or replace it with a more positive one – one that assists you in living the life you want.

Does this make sense?

The tools of hypnosis and NLP can make feeling differently about something, changing habits and overcoming fears easy and fun. One such tool is this Spontaneous audio MP3, check it out here!

To learn more about this topic pick up a copy of “Richard Bandlers Guide to Trance-formation” at Amazon or your favorite local bookstore.

Erika Slater
Free At Last Hypnosis

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