How to Keep Your Weight Off Using Hypnosis

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Keeping the weight off involves healthy choices

Some say that the hardest part about weight loss is getting the weight off in the first place. Others will say that once you get yourself motivated and start to take the weight off, getting it off is the easy part.

It is when you get to trying to keep it off, the wheels literally fall off for many and they find that the weight not only goes back on fast, but sometimes with a little extra – adding insult to injury!

Why is it so difficult to keep the weight off once you have attained your ideal body weight? Does the body have some sort of “former weight” memory that makes it want to put the weight back on? How can you keep it off… for good?

Hypnosis and healthy lifestyle change is the best combination to keep what you took off away for good as well as keeping you moving forward to not only maintain your ideal body weight, but also to keep you healthy.

Too many people are concerned with getting the weight off and once they have attained that goal, they let their guard down and believe they are out in the clear. That is not the case for most as they tend to slip back to former ways of thinking and behaving, you know “those ways” which put the weight on in the first place!

Seeing a hypnotherapist and/or using CD’s on a regular basis is not only a great maintenance/personal growth tool, but it also helps you strive to achieve greater goals.

Slipping into old eating and behavioral patterns is the reason so many people put the weight back on.

This is not the cause of it however!

You see most people visualize, or come to a set weight they want to reach. They work a process (usually dieting and exercise) to get them to that set weight. Much like a trophy for the mantle, when they reach the goal, they believe they have accomplished what they set out to do.

And they did.- sort of.

What they didn’t create in the visualization process and/or maintain once they got to their ideal weight loss is the image of themselves moving forward. This image not only includes how they look and feel, but also how they act and what they think about themselves. Some people believe that once they reach their ideal weight, they are “normal” again and can go back to doing what they used to before and not gain weight.

They may start out doing things in moderation and then things start to spiral out of control.

Many also hold the perception of, “Well, I can always take the weight off again!” Their visualization process creating the image they have for themselves becomes one of “taking weight off” rather than living an ongoing, healthy lifestyle.

Hypnosis helps individuals to see themselves in terms what they want to look like as well as how they will continue to look-healthy, see their ideal body weight and staying in control. Using hypnosis ongoing, the individual will be taught post-hypnotic suggestions and cues which will help them eat healthy and in moderation.

Furthermore, it will help individuals develop and create the confidence moving forward in understanding that healthy weight and eating is an ongoing process.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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