How To Keep Cool When Under Pressure

Anger Management Concept ImageAre you a hot-headed person who loses their cool easily, perhaps really boiling over when pushed to your most stressing limit? Have you been told that you over-react?

Do you think that you have a hairline trigger that could cause you to have a meltdown in stressing situations that you could use help with?

If any of this sounds like you, then you definitely need to continue reading on as the worst it can do is take your mind off of stressing things.

If you are in a high pressure job, then this is definitely for you!

People are creatures of habit in that they tend to respond the same way to similar circumstances.

Eventually, when they encounter any and all stressful situations, they respond by magnifying the situation and blowing it way out of proportion to the point that they are ready to snap.

When you do this often enough, you place your mind in a state of “high alert” in that you instantly tune into the stressful situations, or pick out the most stressing parts of the situation because you are so used to responding from a mindset of stress, frustration, hopelessness and eventually anger.

The method for keeping your cool under stressful situations is to already have a “cool” mindset in place. This means changing old thought patterns in how you respond by having a modified mental shift.

How can one do this… and fast?

Since blowing your top is a mental thing, the battle is waged in your mind – your thinking. Old ways of thinking and habits of over-reacting need to be replaced with positive or neutral ways for responding.

Hypnosis is the fastest and most effective method for literally changing your pressured thinking overnight. Since hypnosis strongly and effectively deals with the unconscious mind, new ways of thinking and “triggers” can be implanted in the unconscious mind which overtake the old ways of thinking, you know the frustrated thoughts!

How does hypnosis actually work in stopping you from blowing up whenever you are frustrated?

The hypnotherapist first teaches you what true relaxation feels like. Trust me, when you feel this state of relaxation, you want it more than ever before and often. Furthermore, they teach you how to use this relaxed mindset not only in quiet times, but also those frustrating, stressful times that make you want to feel like blowing up.

It is all about controlling or modifying your trigger through the use of post-hypnotic suggestions.

With the guidance of the hypnotherapist, you will learn certain words, phrases, or focus on a visual image or feeling immediately whenever you begin to feel stressed out or frustrated. Interestingly, the actual situation that used to cause you to want to lose your cool becomes the strong trigger for keeping your cool and feeling relaxed.

The post-hypnotic suggestions, such as, “Whenever you feel you are going to get upset or angry means you really want to feel relaxed,” serve as precursors for remaining cool and collected. You might also receive suggestions such as, “Take three deep breaths, and with each exhale, you become more calm and relaxed, with the current stressful situation being erased and you being the most calm you have ever been…

Hypnosis is extremely effective for gaining total control of your mind in stressful situations. One warning… you don’t not need stressful situations to serve as triggers to be calm!

I invite you to start living a stress free life today by checking out this MP3 hypnosis session here.

Dr. Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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