How to Get Motivation to Exercise

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When it comes to exercise and fitness, getting into a routine is perhaps the most difficult part of this experiences. Even though it is a physical activity you are engaging in, it is mostly mental – you need to train and discipline your mind to put you in the right frame of mind to be continually motivated.

In order to get started, you first have to make a conscious decision to work out. You need to “tell” yourself that this is something that you really want to do and not forcing yourself to do it, or feeling coaxed by someone else to do it.

The last thing you want to do is resent yourself or someone else for “having” to workout. This will only lead you to dreading exercising, or procrastinating the experience.

So the first place to start is planting seeds in your mind that it will be both a rewarding thing to do as well as fun. Believe you are a worthwhile person doing a positive thing to make and keep your body healthy. This is referred to as intrinsic motivation – using yourself as the primary reason and motivator for exercising.

When you get to this point, then you are literally half way there as your mind has set a goal.

Now what if the procrastination kicks in where you just can’t seem to engage in exercising like you hoped you would? Is there “something” that can push you over the proverbial hump to get into a good routine?

Perhaps the body is willing but the spirit is still weak!

Hypnosis is your best option to creating this “intrinsic” motivation that you need. Old mind sets (ones lacking in motivation or geared toward procrastination) might be your predominant thoughts holding you back. Hypnosis helps to recalibrate your thinking and set you on the proper course of motivation and action.

Hypnosis is very easy to do as well results are usually experienced immediately.

Together with a hypnotherapist you will first discuss what you want to accomplish using hypnosis – in this case motivation to exercise. You will then “see“, “feel” and “hear” yourself accomplishing your exercise goals in a trance state, where your unconscious mind is open to receiving positive new suggestions for stronger intrinsic motivators to “desire” to exercise.

You will have post-hypnotic suggestions embedded in your unconscious which create positive feelings and insights for exercise. You may even find yourself craving exercising like you couldn’t imagine.

Family and friends might even start asking, “What has gotten into you?

Hypnosis helps you put your “right” thoughts, the ones that focus on what you really want into action. A new mindset, or appreciation for the way you will approach things replaces the old, lazy mindset which basically used to operate on autopilot which kept you where you were at – in a status quo holding pattern.

A good hypnotist will help you to create “thoughts of action” which get you excited and stimulate your “intrinsic” self to not only make changes but keep you on your track toward success! Alternatively, you can make the decision to get on track with your exercises by checking out a self-hypnosis session here.

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Staff Writer
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