How to Get Motivated to Exercise

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Time to make some changes…

So many people think about, even talk about getting in shape, getting fit and losing weight.

From this group of people, probably only a quarter of them will ever follow through with their quest to start exercising. Furthermore, only a smaller percentage will actually stay the course and follow through with their plan.

How then do you motivate yourself to exercise? Once you actually get to exercising, how do you stay the course?

The best place to get started in terms of motivation is setting an intention. In this case, the intention is, “I am going to start exercising 3-4 times a week!” You have to say it and mean it.

Furthermore, writing it down on paper also makes the intention stronger.

You might also want to add to the intention, “I am going to start exercising 3-4 times a week now and make this a permanent part of my life!” You see, you set the intention, you set the time for when you will start (now) and you incorporate within the intention that this “exercising” will be a lasting good habit. Being exact gives the mind orders and instructions to act upon.

The mind likes specifics!

The key to success is getting started. You need to get into motion which means doing it!

The best place to start is going to a gym, joining a group of people who work out (a club), finding a partner, or something that will get you out of your regular routine. You see getting out and working outside of your home is best, at least in the beginning because it makes you accountable to yourself and others.

When people begin exercising claim they will do it, but “at home“, they are more likely to stop because they will either get bored easily, have no one to encourage them and procrastinate–“I will do it later…” but that “later” never comes.

It is too easy to fall back into the same complacent routine you were in before you started to work out.

In fact, when you invest a sum of money into a fitness center or a personal trainer, you are more likely to follow through and get the most out of it. Why? You paid and you want to get your monies’ worth!

Another great place to get started in terms of committing to a fitness program for your life is beginning by seeing a hypnotherapist.

If you are an individual who falls back into old patterns, or becomes complacent and procrastinates, a hypnotherapist can help you big time! Under the guidance of a hypnotherapist, new scripts, cues and post hypnotic suggestions can help you get to where you want to get too–working out and the gym!

Any attitudes and former beliefs that you had about working out and fitness can be modified and recreated. In fact, through hypnosis, you can actually learn scripts that will motivate you to want to work out 3-4 times a week. Hypnosis can reshape and enhance your perspective on exercise in a positive way whereby you actually crave/desire working out!

Start changing your perspective today regarding exercise by checking out this MP3 hypnosis session here.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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