How Forgiveness Therapy Can Help Get Poison Out Of Your Body

Forgiveness ImageHolding onto anger or resentment is like “drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die“, the famous analogy offered by Buddha in terms of how damaging being unforgiving really is.

The longer you hold onto the thoughts and relive the feelings over something that someone did to you in the past, the more damage you are doing to your mind, body and spirit.

You literally are poisoning yourself with negativity and maybe even hatred.

You have to stop now!

Studies have shown that people who are vengeful, spiteful, hateful and lack the ability to forgive are often times more stressed out, physically ill (nauseous, aches/pains, suffer from colds, chronic fatigue), have weakened immune systems, and are more prone to cardiac disease, i.e. high blood pressure and heart attacks!

Did you know that some stats assert that non-essential hypertension (high blood pressure) has no biological cause in nearly 90% of cases? That means that the mind (thoughts/feelings) are actually creating the high blood pressure. Scary isn’t it?

Why is it so hard for some people to forgive and move on? Do they actually get some sort of satisfaction punishing themselves in reliving the hurt over and over? Not necessarily! In fact it is a matter of two things; pride and holding onto the past (control).

Firstly, some people have a hard time of letting their egos stay out of the picture.

They believe if someone has wronged them, or accused them of doing something wrong, then they take it as a personal attack on their personhood. They mistake the accusation with being a belittlement of who they are. Once you personalize something, ego takes over and no one wants to feel slighted, made to feel worthless or wrong.

The second reason that some people can’t let go is because holding onto bitterness proves as stronghold for them – Control! They believe that as long as they hold onto the hurt and anger, they still hold onto some semblance of the relationship or the event that occurred.

For them, forgiving might mean forgetting and that is the last thing they want to do.

When you say “sorry” or forgive another person, you are not doing it for them as much as you are doing it for yourself. Forgiveness means letting go of a clouded past and moving into personal growth and change. Forgiveness is a form of mental health therapy as it purges the negative emotions that rip away at your core being.

Perhaps the individual who caused you to hurt did something so bad that you cannot bare to face them. Maybe they are no longer living close to you or they are no longer alive.

Whatever the case, you do not have to tell them to their face or by phone that you are sorry or that you forgive them. Writing a letter to them expressing your feelings (pouring them all out) is excellent therapy. Once you have poured it all out, it is a good idea to burn the letter and release it permanently.

Under the guidance of a good hypnotherapist, you can also get the bad feelings out and purge them.

Hypnosis can help to replace negative thoughts with a positive outlook by embedding post hypnotic suggestions in the unconscious. Furthermore, it literally can make you forget about what was done to you in the past! To get started with a MP3 session now click here.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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