How You Do Anything is… How You Do Everything – Part II

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You’re only an idiot if you believe it…

This the second and final part in this series about “How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything.” Part I explained the concept behind this saying and how our behavior in one situation is repeated in unrelated situations and many times with negative results.

I gave examples around a messy room, and some money examples which in the end where not really about money but the value or dis-value we put on it. If you missed this part or want to refresh your memory then check out part I here >>>

In this article I want to cover how to change your behaviors. But first you have to make the connection with those behaviors causing the negative results.

Until you’ve done that then you’ll be wandering in the dark.

This phase of the process requires you to go into analysis role.

Let’s use one of our examples from part I to illustrate – the messy room (not including teenagers here). If you have a messy room then most likely many things in your life are up hazard and disorganized such as work or your business, friendships, finances, family relationships, house maintenance, etc.

You determine then the common theme and habit in your life you want to change is being disorganized. The behavior you want is being better organized. And you have some specific examples to test your ability to improve above just keeping a tidy room.

This is good so far.

How do you get from being disorganized to being organized? Certainly you can “will” yourself through your conscious mind. It is not the easiest way and demands a lot of will power to catch yourself being disorganized and correct the habit on the spot. But people do quit smoking through will power alone – albeit only 2% remain a non-smoker after 12 months.

Easier ways include hypnosis – this tackles the problem through use of your subconscious mind. You can purchase and download self-hypnosis MP3 products specifically to help you be better organized. You can also book a session with a professional hypnotist so it is more customized for your specific circumstance or environment.

Here you could stop, having made good progress in identifying habits holding you back and seeking out options to change those habits and taking action – remember, nothing changes until you take action..

But would you like to know how to get to another level altogether?

The behaviors holding us back invariably stem from the core beliefs we have. The mechanism for exposing our core beliefs can be tricky to extract initially but practice makes it easier. These beliefs are hidden and reside in our subconscious.

For example a core belief can be we are a “stupid idiot.” Maybe we were reminded of this enough when growing up from a sibling, friend or even a parent. Core beliefs are invariably set in our childhood but can be set during early teenage years as well.

If we do not have a core belief we are a stupid idiot then when someone’s call us a “stupid idiot” we know it not to be true and don’t pay attention to that person. It doesn’t harm us as we don’t care what people think about us.

But if one of our core beliefs is that we are a “stupid idiot” then this can manifest itself in the fears we feel. The fear of public speaking or asking somebody out on a date.

So to identify our core beliefs we have to “listen” to our emotions. If we believe what someone says or implies about us or we feel like a “stupid idiot” then that is a core belief at work. And if it is holding us back in having a successful life – however, you want to measure this – then working to change a core belief is the best way to get the most radical of differences in your results.

Core belief work is demanding and there are people who specialize in helping people identify and overcome damaging core beliefs.

I’m not affiliated with this website or their programs at all but here is a resource to get you started if you want to discover more about overcoming core beliefs >>>

If you want to discover more then feel free to contact me directly or if you have something to add on this topic please leave a comment using the form below. I would like to hear your thoughts about this subject.

Erika Slater, CH
Free At Last Hypnosis

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