How You Do Anything is… How You Do Everything – Part I

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If your room is messy – does your life feel the same?

You may have heard this saying before – “How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything.” I heard it first out of the lips of T. Harv Eker. I don’t know if he coined the phrase or “borrowed” it from somebody else – it doesn’t really matter – but it has stuck with me.

It has stuck with me because it is mostly true.

For example if you tend to do the minimum required as an academic student to get through a class then this likely how you approach your athletic training. If you have a messy room then I bet you live somewhat of an up hazard life. Pass over picking up a penny lying on the ground and most likely you don’t manage your money very well and miss other opportunities to be financially wealthy.

Of course like many sayings it isn’t 100% accurate all the time. Take motivation for example. While many people you work with may seem to lack motivation for the work they do between 9-5pm, just watch them turn into different people outside office hours and the motivation they have for outside activities.

But as a general rule how you approach performing an activity is more often than not how you approach everything. And if you don’t like the results you’re getting up to now then you need to change your approach and/or attitude.

I’m here to tell you this can be done. It can happen two ways:

  1. Through a life changing event.
  2. Changing your behavior for positive outcome.

A life changing event is the quickest way to change behaviors and attitudes. Unfortunately, in most instances when it happens is out of your control and it can change your behaviors in ways that can have a negative impact on your life and those around you.

So let’s concentrate on the second type of behavior change which is performed in a controlled manner and can be done through the conscious mind or the subconscious (unconscious) mind.

Recognizing the behaviors you have that get in the way of getting results you desire is the first step. This demands you to be objective and removed from your defense mechanism. Most people can identify the obvious things they do that sabotage their outcomes. But this is not what this is about changing. It is about the “core” things you do that result in not getting the outcomes you want, and these are more subtle and not easily recognized.

For example would you have thought that “passing” on picking-up a penny from the pavement was indicative of how much you disrespect money? No doubt you would think “hey, it’s just one cent – it’s embarrassing to grope for it with people around.” But now you see it isn’t – it’s an important action that says a lot about how you value things and opportunities. These are the core behaviors you need to identify.

Here’s another money one for you.

Do you avoid paying the outrageous price for a Starbucks Latte so you can buy a cheaper beverage somewhere else and save the difference for your retirement fund? Have you bought into this whole compound interest stuff and the fact you can get an extra $40,000 when you retire by not enjoying your favorite beverage for 40-years?

Are you willing to forgo having pleasures of life and living a frugal existence for 40 years? Wouldn’t it be better to get the behavior changes that let you make enough income to buy your latte each morning and still save for retirement?

Consider being more spontaneous and you will be able to achieve anything. To learn how to let your spontaneous side out with help of a MP3 hypnosis session, click here.

The fact is this behavior I have just described has nothing to do with money but all about your willingness to approach your world as one of scarcity rather than abundance.

In the last part of this two-part series I’ll cover how to go about changing these habits. This could be ride of your life! Check out Part II here >>>

Erika Slater, CH
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