How to Develop Your Attitude of Gratitude

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We can change our world dramatically with just two words

Did you know that two of the most powerful words in the human vocabulary are “thank you“?

Unfortunately, it’s 2012 and in most places in North America the general consensus today is one of “entitlement” –what’s in it for me, versus gratitude, a heartfelt appreciation for what one has.

Somewhere along the way in the last 20 years it seems an attitude of gratitude was replaced by a “grab all you can get while the getting is good” mentality. So many people are miserable today, unhappy with that they have and disappointed with what they want because they are not getting it. And the fast remedy to fix this is those two words “thank you“!

Here lies the secret to getting what you want in life, having an attitude of gratitude!

I have often heard from many experts in the field the fastest way to getting what you want in life or getting more of what you want in life is being grateful for what you currently have.

Even when you think that you don’t have a lot, if you were to take out a piece of paper and list the things that you do have in your life (material possessions, health, family and friends) and then list things to be grateful for which you think you didn’t have, your list will quickly evolve in size to an amazing list of things to truly be grateful for!

When your thoughts are charged up with feelings, the thoughts become more intense and set the wheels for the law of intention in motion. This is why it is extremely important to be grateful for what you have because when you are “being grateful” you are emitting feelings and signals of gratitude and you will be brought more things to be grateful for!

When you focus on what you don’t like, on what you think you are lacking, you emit signals of ungratefulness. Remember, where thoughts go energy flows. So don’t you think it’s time to focus on what you want but at the same time be heartfelt grateful for what you do have?

The fastest way to developing an attitude of gratitude is to start out the day in a mindset of gratefulness. Before you even get out of bed, or just after, make a list either verbally, or through journaling of the things that you are most grateful for.

Really get into the feeling of being grateful for what you have. When you start to do this, you shift the focus off your negative mindset and thoughts of entitlement toward gratitude and you will start to see more things appearing in your life to be grateful for!

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Erika Slater
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