How to Defeat the Fear of Flying

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Are you a person who enjoys traveling, or wants to travel more but has a major obstacle standing in your way… a really big one called a plane?

Then you are in the same boat as 33 1/3% of all Americans who have some issue or fear of flying. Moreover, many of these fears have never evolved or started due to a “bad” flight that the individual was on.

In fact, some people who are afraid of flying have never even flown in a plane.

Why are they so afraid? Should they really be that afraid of flying?

According to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration Incidence), there are approximately 30,000 flights a day just in the USA! That is a heck of a lot of flights. With that said, in the last year can you count more than a handful of crashes or problem flights and recall them in detail?

Probably not.

Technical problems with flying are nowhere near where you may be worrying them to be at. Furthermore, less people are afraid of driving, but that is where accidents are more likely to happen.

Stats are in favor of flying – Between the years of 2008 and 2010, there were actually 0.54 passenger fatalities per every 100 million passenger’s miles in cars driven versus 0.003 fatalities per 100 million passenger miles for people flying on airplanes. Basically, it is so much safer to fly!

If that is the case, why so much fear and anxiety associated with flying?

When you ask most people why they are afraid of flying, three distinct causes pop up; heights, lack of control and media movies. Some people are afraid of flying because they are afraid of heights. Even though they are enclosed, they are aware of how high they are. The thought of being 30,000 feet plus makes some people squeamish!

Some people do not like to fly because they feel they have no control. They are trusting someone else to fly the plane, etc. and if something should go wrong, they are helpless – they can’t ask the driver to pull over to the side of the road and let them out.

Some people are afraid to fly because of how they see plane crashes portrayed in the movies or the media.

Let’s be realistic, a plane crash is horrific, and there are rarely survivors. Crashes are portrayed as bedlam and chaos. With that said, they are portrayed that way and reported in greater emphasis because they are so rare given the number of flights each day.

Since most of the fear of flying is engrained in negative perceptions and distressing thoughts, hypnosis is an exceptional medium for helping people not only overcome their fear of flying, but even learn to relax when flying.

Hypnosis works by helping a person shed their negative images and thoughts associated with flying.

New positive thoughts and images are engrained in the unconscious mind which not only helps the individual to relax, but to also teach them to look forward to flying because it is “a very relaxing experience”.

Also, those who are afraid of flying should not be watching movies focused on flying catastrophes. What you plant in the mind will flourish, even the negative stuff!

If you’re putting off vacations, trips or visiting family because the thought of turbulence or just stepping into a plane cabin induces sweaty palms or worse, then check out this self-hypnosis download session here >>> to help.

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