How to Cope With Family Gatherings

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Do you dread the family gatherings?

Are you one of those folks who absolutely despise attending family gatherings because a specific relative might be there and you would like to avoid them like the plague?

Are there certain people in your family who annoy you to all hell? If so, then this article might be just what you need to maintain cool, calm, collected, and ignore the comments made by those who get under your skin the most!

Let’s face it, you can’t avoid all family functions all of the time. There will be those instances where you will have to come face to face with those family members who annoy you the most.

Even before you get to that event and face them, you will most likely be warned by someone close to you, or you may even hear yourself say, “I need to keep the peace!

Well, in order to keep the peace, it all starts with having “peace of mind” instead of already thinking of how you would like to give that family member a “piece of your mind” when you encounter them!

If there will be peace, it will have to start with you…

Some people believe that certain family members purposely try to get under their skin. Furthermore, they even accept the fact that they have no use for the family member in question who is getting under their skin, yet they still allow them to drive them insane.

Funny, when you have no use for someone or something, they should have zero effect on you. With that said, perhaps you do have a use for them in learning to ignore things that you get upset over. I will go one step further… perhaps this is a life lesson sent by God or the universe to teach you the life lesson of patience!

First off, no one can make you feel annoyed, angry, agitated or hurt unless you allow them into  your head space.

The only way that they can get into your head space is by thinking about them. When you develop a prolonged thinking pattern about someone or something, then the image or thought of them has a foothold in your mind. If they annoy you that much, I am sure it most definitely feels like a stranglehold!

The question you have to ask yourself is why are you so fixated on thinking about them? Do you really like to think about them that much because they annoy you, or do you like to focus on the feelings of disdain that you harbor in general?

When they are not around, you don’t think about them, do you? Probably not because they serve no purpose.

How many times have you sat in a room and not even noticed people sitting there? Why was that? The answer is they served no purpose therefore you had no interest in them. The same holds true for the family member who you think annoys you and notice the word “think” since you are giving them this personal permission to annoy you.

The key to overcoming feeling this way is to simply ignore them (in your mind) when you feel yourself growing annoyed.

You can do this by distracting yourself by focusing on others, or even thoughts that make you happy. Another way to overcome the annoyance is to actually speak to the person who annoys you. By asking them questions, it may throw them off and you might actually learn something that both of you could connect on and see them in a more positive light.

And if all else fails, using hypnosis can actually work through the process of receiving post hypnotic suggestions that become cues for you to act on and block the person out who annoys you.

Try this MP3 here and the next time you have to attend a family gathering you will be looking forward to it.

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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