How to Celebrate the Holidays with Healthy Foods and Moderate Drinking

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This year is winding to a close, perhaps faster than most would like. With that said, you know what is coming – the holiday season!

That can only mean one thing…eating, drinking and being merry.

For most, this means eating a lot of foods that are less than desirable for one’s physical health, and if that’s not enough, there’s usually more consumption of alcohol, and other recreational substances between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

The key is to control consumption of all of the above, as well as feeling good about oneself.

You’re probably saying, “Holidays were meant to party and indulge!” Yes, they’re meant to indulge and ‘party’, but within limitations and moderation.

The season and your friends and family are not responsible for your over indulgence. This is external thinking justifying your decisions and actions.

So, you don’t get off that easy by making it somebody else’s fault.

Here’s a look at what’s going on before we talk about what to do instead but still have fun and party during the holidays…



Holiday dinner party imageWhen it comes to holidays and festivities, too many people feel over-indulging in food and alcoholic beverages is the norm, or at least expected of them in situations such as family get-together, work-related parties or social events.

They may feel going overboard is the thing to do because everyone else is doing it and they don’t want others to feel they’re a “party popper!”

In fact, it appears over-indulgence is advertised and projected so much in the media (commercialism, etc.) many people get caught up in the ‘subliminal’ messages that if you’re not over-eating or drinking, then you’re not a part of the celebratory crowd or having fun, or you’re spoiling it for others!

Moreover, other people indulge to not hurt other peoples’ feelings or let them down.

Instead of passing up cookies, cakes and drinks offered to them, they accept knowing full well what they’re putting in their bodies isn’t good for them, in fact, in some cases against their doctor’s recommendations.

This of course is contaminated thinking and unlikely what most are really thinking of you. But we have these thoughts and because of the way they make us feel we think they’re reality even though all we’re doing is feeling our own thoughts.

Some people will overindulge because the holiday season can become very depressing for them, or even create feelings of anxiety. It’s not uncommon for people to drink excessively as a way of self-medicating, or binge on junk foods and compulsive eating as a way for creating a false sense of comfort.

This can be detrimental for individuals who are in treatment or it can trigger bad habits or even addictions for some who aren’t yet addicted to these things.

Individuals have to become aware of their triggers and also know their limits.

So, what can you do to prevent falling into the traps of compulsive and/or excessive eating and drinking?



Willpower Concept ImageWhatever the reasons for your over indulgence the best way to take back control of the situation is to prepare mentally before it happens.

You see, only you can control your thoughts and if your thoughts remind you to avoid falling into these traps over the holidays in a self-compassionate gentle way, without condemning yourself, then you’ll succeed in your quest to always be in control.

Some people have tremendous willpower when they decide to engage it.

So, if one of these individuals is motivated enough to not over indulge and eat healthy and moderate drinking then they can often get by on their willpower alone.

Motivation generally comes from “enough is enough” frame of thinking. Such as a smoker who finally decides “I just have to get these cigarettes out of my life whatever it takes” and they succeed through cold turkey approach – this is willpower alone approach.

While many of us have this level of motivation, there are few of us with the level of willpower to succeed.

For example, smokers who quit cold turkey represents an abysmal success rate over other methods.

Avoidance is another strategy. Avoiding gatherings or parties where unhealthy foods and drinking will be in abundance. Again, using the smoker as an example if they quit then it would be foolish to continue to hang out with friends who smoke or places they frequent.

Now avoidance is a difficult strategy as likely for many of us we want to be with friends and family during the holidays so locking ourselves away from it all isn’t practical or good for our mental health.

new mindset new results concept imageSo, what if you could instill a sort of automatic willpower that uses your unconscious mind to help you control your level of indulgence with healthy levels of eating and drinking?

Could this work for you?

Well, hypnosis is an exceptional tool for training the mind to help you manage what you want to eat and drink during the holidays… and beyond, while remaining in control at all times.

Through hypnotic suggestions and new mindsets, individuals can step away without guilt from overindulging.

Providing you’ve the motivation – hypnosis can’t give you the motivation you need to overcome anything as you have to want if for yourself – then helping you change your mindset using hypnosis will be a powerful tool for you.

Seek out a local hypnotist to help you prepare quickly for the holiday season, or pick-up a self-hypnosis study session where you can instill in the comfort of your own home the right mindset for getting back control of your holiday eating and drinking over indulgence.

If you find it hard to stick to a healthy diet or moderation in drinking during celebrations or the holiday season and self-hypnosis interests you to get back control then check out this hypnosis session here >>>



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