How to Break the Fast Food Habit

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Too many of these means you could be addicted to fast food.

Are you the type of person who lives in the instant gratification mode whereby you do things because they are fast, convenient and save you a lot of time?

Have you applied this to your eating habits, rationalizing to yourself that you are budgeting your time by dining at America’s finest fast food restaurants often, perhaps daily? Maybe it has become so common place for you that you consider fast food meals part of your staple daily diet. Maybe you can’t resist them?

If that isn’t enough, maybe you have come to just love the taste of saturated and unsaturated fats as well as the deep fried and empty carbohydrate side dishes.

Did you know if you are consuming fast foods on a daily basis (ones that are high in fats, cholesterol and additives) that you may actually be malnourished? Oh dear!

So if you are one hooked on fast foods, how can you break away from fast foods dare I say…fast? The answer is HYPNOSIS.

Ironically, hypnosis does work fast, but do not confuse it with fast foods high in fats, grease, empty carbs or a cause of indigestion. Hypnosis is a wonderful therapeutic method for helping individuals break free from fast food gorging, while at the same time employing fresh thought processes for choosing healthier eating and lifestyles.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle choice just as unhealthy eating is as well.

You see the more you engage in something over a period of time, roughly 21-28 days consistently, it can become habitual. If you engaged in eating junk foods for that duration on a regular basis, you may have become habituated to that eating lifestyle, and may be doing it unconsciously not even knowing why the heck you keep finding yourself at drive-thru windows!

Just as you created a habitual junk food habit, you can re-create it and make it into a healthy eating lifestyle and hypnosis can help you create the unconscious mindset which will steer your wheel away from drive-thru parking lots!

Hypnosis is fast and effective because it gets to the root of the matter or neuropathways (those connections you are linked into that allow you to do your behaviors continually without investing much effort or thought). By tapping into these neuropathways, which have become engrained in your brain/mind, they can be altered or modified imparting new cognitive scripts or cues which will alter lazy thought patterns.

So say whenever you see a certain restaurant’s logo, it is your cue to pull into the drive-thru because you get an instant craving for that burger or onion rings (the logo is engrained in your mind and unconsciously you respond).

Hypnosis can change your unconscious mindset so you don’t pull into the parking lot.

A hypnotist can help reprogram your unconscious urge to eat junk food by using a cue or trigger, so whenever you see the logo or think of the food, you feel turned off or grossed out by it. In essence, the hypnotherapist and you create “aversion” scripts to avoid junk foods.

Conversely, the hypnotherapist will help you create cues that stimulate you to choose and select healthy foods. Once you engage in this healthy practice for 21-28 days, you and your car may no longer recognize fast food joints!

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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