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Discover management styles that work today…

Are you in a supervising or management position currently and looking to get better at your position?

Perhaps you are in a career position at the moment and aspire to get to the managerial level and are looking for new skills that will make you more marketable for that position? If you are in either boat or looking to set sail and create smoother managerial waters for yourself, then this article is definitely for you!

First off, if you have visions of “ruling with an iron first” as the end all and be all for getting people to comply with your “orders“, then you are definitely barking up the wrong tree. That mixed bag of dominant tricks does not work in this day and age.

Threats and intimidation will only get you so far before people stop listening to you.

Furthermore, it creates a terrible working environment that when employee morale gets squashed, the change made is usually the manager that gets let go. Hey, you can’t get rid of all the employees!

Some say that the best managers have the best set of ears, both literally and figuratively. It is all about listening to your staff and customers! For starters, it is important to “hear” what people are telling you or asking you. That means keeping your ears open.

Too many times, managers “hear” so much complaining that they tune things out. They block out the “noise” of people speaking to them. Moreover, many stop “listening” as well. Listening means not only hearing what people are telling you, but trying to understand what they are truly saying – listening with meaning behind the words. This means reading non-verbal cues, paying attention to feeling, and when you do not understand something, seeking clarification.

It is the “listening” component which creates the best quality in the greatest managers.

Much is said that the best managers require plenty of patience. That is very true, but beyond patience, great managers possess the ability to distinguish and understand that there are a variety of personality types that people possess.

Dealing with all people the same way simply will not work as you start to stereotype all personality types. Rather a good manager deals with each individual as being different because they are!

Today, many people in management positions are using meditation and hypnosis techniques as a way to make them better at what they do.

Some use them for relaxation, so they do not get overly stressed out dealing with people. Others use hypnosis to help them not only to remain calm, but also to become better listeners. Since most effective listening is done unconsciously, that is having the ability to hear what you just listened to, process it and then recall it in a way to create the right response, then hypnosis helps tap into the unconscious mind to stimulate the “inner ear” required for listening.

Under the direction of a trained hypnotherapist, you can have the “inner ear” turned on and you can be taught to listen with intention.

Through a variety of post hypnotic cues and relaxation techniques, you can learn listening and communication skills that will take you to a whole new level!

Becoming a better manager in the business world will lead to higher rewards and recognition for both your staff and you. Check out this hypnosis program on how to become a better manager here >>>

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