How Athletes Can Give Themselves the Edge

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Here is a key ingredient to running longer and faster…

Do you watch professional sports or Olympic sports?

Are you ever amazed at the amount of concentration some athletes, especially the superstars display time and time again in their sports which leads them to their ultimate successes?

Are you yourself an athlete looking to find that “added” advantage to performing better in your sport or do you have a student athlete in mind?

If you are curious as to why some athletes are “great” and how you too can kick up your game to a new level, then I strongly advise you to read on. There is no substitute for hard work but this can give you the extra edge.

It is no secret that most professional teams and Olympic athletes use sports psychologists in this day and age to help them derive any edge they can get for being better at their craft. Even though sports psychologists have been used for years by many professional teams and amateur athletes, it is now that they are getting the most exposure due to the excellence that is sought after in most sports.

The competition level has grown to where anything less than victory is truly a failure, no matter how hard you try.

They say that coaches coach and inspire, but sports psychologists ingrain positive thinking and successful expectations through belief, visualization and emotional expectation.

Not everyone who plays sports will be signed to a professional contract, or make the Olympics one day. In fact, not everyone will have the good fortunes of having their own sports psychologist to guide them. There are however opportunities for anyone wanting to improve their game, and these simple exercises can be done in your own home!

What many sports psychologists employ with their athletes are types of hypnosis methods which include – affirmations, visualization and expectancy-based outcomes.

Affirmations are taught to athletes while they are in the trance state under the direction of a hypnotherapist, or using CDs that can be used at home/own time. Post hypnotic suggestions such as, “I am a winner!“, or “I will succeed!” are engrained into the unconscious mind and when the time arrives leading up to your athletic event, and throughout the event, you will hear phrases as such playing through your mind.

Also, post-hypnotic suggestions for heightened states of awareness, focus and concentration are also embedded into the unconscious mind.

Since most people are visual by nature, and since sports are highly visual, under the guidance of a hypnotherapist, you can be taught to “see” the game/match in your mind before you even play it, and plan moves and responses in your mind that are placed into reaction/muscle memory.

In the past studies have shown that athletes taught to visualize throwing baskets (basketball) for a period of time (in their minds only) actually did as well, if not better than those allowed to physically practice throwing basketballs everyday for the same period of time.

Visualization makes the process so real that the mind can’t distinguish between really doing it and simulating it!

Finally, when you are taught to believe that you are already a success, you take the focus and pressure off of trying to be a success as your mind already believes you are a success. This is a form of law of attraction/intention.

You will attract more success into your life and this is also engrained by using hypnosis.

Endurance training is a key part of athletic success – even for sprinters – put this work for you now to give you the edge with this hypnosis session here >>>

Dr. Peter
Staff Writer
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