How to Achieve Academic Success Using Hypnosis

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Studying for exams can be stressful – want help?

It is that time of the year when semesters and school years are coming to an end. We all know what comes at the end of the year…final exams!

When students hear the word “exam“, many go into instant panic mode as many dislike exams as much as they like going to the dentist. Okay, with all the teeth whitening and modern technology, many prefer going to the dentist today over the final exam!

First off, why are exams so mentally strenuous when it comes to comes to school? The answer is in most cases, exams created what are known as performance anxiety. Students have had it drummed into them since they were kids to get good grades.

These good grades were often times interpreted by kids as being measures of their self worth. Whenever they did well on their exams, they were praised and rewarded.

On the other hand, when they did poorly they were usually chastised.

Either way sliced, if it was good grades, then their self-esteem was bolstered, if the grades were bad, their self-esteem took a potential beating. Success on exams often meant the ability to feel good about oneself and “make their parents and teachers proud of them“!

It’s funny that you often times learn so much of what we are taught in schools when we are younger, including the way that you appraise yourself based on your exam performance. As you move into high school and college, the pressure is greater to succeed as the way that you and what others expect of you has a higher standard.

Once the “worry” factor for “trying to do good” on the exam wears off, often times the mind shifts to a place for worrying over learning information for the exam and then having the retention of the information to recall it for the exam.

In fact, the more students start worrying about doing well on the exam, and studying for the exam, stress gets ramped up. Is it any wonder learning and remembering things studied starts to become so difficult? Is there a way to overcome the pre-exam jitters in order to do really well on the exam? Furthermore, is there a way to make remembering what you studied for the exam all the more easier?

The answer is yes – through hypnosis!

Hypnosis works in two ways for helping individuals do better on exams. First, hypnosis helps you get to a place of relaxation in that you are not all tense and a ball of nerves. Through hypnosis you are taught to relax.

Post hypnotic suggestions are given and taught so that when you walk into write the exam, you relax instantly!

The second way that hypnosis works is that while under hypnosis, you are taught to train your mind to focus on certain things you want to learn, encode them into your memory, and using post-hypnotic cues to trigger these memories when the time comes to recall them for the test.

It really is that simple.

Hypnosis helps to remove the clutter and worry from the mind, which allows places for new information to be stored. Once it is stored, hypnosis also provides the key to unlocking the information that you need as needed!

Get started achieving academic success today with this MP3!

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
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