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Are you a college or university student looking to make excellent grades? Many students going to college for the first time, or going back to college often times are overwhelmed when it comes to essay writing.

Writing a college essay might be something intimidating for some, or very new for mature students who have never written one, or have done so many years ago.

How does one go about acing an essay and getting the grades they are looking to achieve?

I have been a professor and educator for almost twenty years now and students are required to write essays for my courses.

One of the best suggestions I have for them or for anyone writing an essay is to first make sure they have all of the details for what is required of the paper.

I understand that many people are “creative” and want to express themselves in their writing, however when there is a prescribed way to complete an essay assignment, pay attention to details and what the instructor is looking for!

Once you understand what is required, be sure you understand what is expected in the writing style.

Depending on the essay style, some instructors prefer Chicago or MLA style where you will be using footnotes to source and reference your information. Other instructors prefer APA style (American Psychological Association standard) whereby you are required to cite your information and then use a reference page at the end of the essay.

You see, when you do not cite or footnote your information that you are using from your reference sources, this becomes plagiarism and can not only get you a failing grade on the paper, but also the course as well. Be sure to always cite or footnote the information that you are using.

For those who are not familiar with APA style essay writing or MLA, also Chicago style, there are great websites which explain in very good detail how to do it properly.

There are actual tutorials you can find on-line as well. Many schools have remedial writing courses and programs and if you are struggling with writing essays or having the confidence to tackle them, I strongly suggest taking one of these courses and getting the proper coaching to be an effective essay writer.

Once you know what the outline is for the paper, the subject matter, and the style that it is to be written in (APA or MLA) it is a good idea to cue card your essay and break it down into sections.

Place your ideas in point forms for what type of information you want to develop in the paper.

Your essay should have an excellent opening paragraph (Introduction or thesis statement), a body that flows (develops and discusses, proves or refutes your thesis) and an excellent conclusive paragraph that ties the information together to formulate a conclusion.

Finally, once you have completed your essay it is always a good idea to spell check it a couple of times (spelling and grammar).

If you have an instructor who is willing to read it as you are writing it to verify you are on the right track, then that is always a good plan.

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Good luck and happy writing!

Dr Peter
Staff Writer
Free At Last Hypnosis

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