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Glad yo have you with us! Please read all the instructions below...

This page is only intended for people who have requested or been specifically provided access to this habit change session from Free At Last Hypnosis. Please do not share it with others but instead ask them to go and request it themselves through our website.


This 8-minute habit change session is specially prepared to help you make a change in your life by overcoming a habit you want to break. You'll benefit from listening to this at least once a day and then as you feel you need it.

You should listen to this session last thing at night and it will help you drift into a sleep where your subconscious mind can help you reinforce your desire for change.



To download "click" on the download button below and this will download to your computer the MP3 file. Make note of the destination directory and filename.

Once downloaded, navigate to the same directory and file and import it into your iTunes or MP3 player directory so it will sync for you. Sorry we cannot offer support if you experience problems as each computer is different.

iPHONE & iPAD Users: Currently, Apple does not provide support for directly downloading files to these devices. You will need to use your computer to download the files and then add them to your iTunes library and sync with your device.



Please let me know how you enjoy this Habit Change session. I am always eager to get feedback from people and you can contact me using the form on our Contact Page here.

Discover more about my own in-office or online Hypnosis Services here. These services support significant habit changes such as to stop smoking or lose weight or overcome a phobia or anxiety as you may require reinforcement hypnosis sessions with a professional hypnotist.

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