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Great American Smokeout Day 2017

FREE Stop Smoking Group Session using
hypnosis Offered in November 2017 0nline
with Erika Slater CH.


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Quitting is Life Changing…

The Great American Smokeout takes place the third Thursday in November (the Thursday before Thanksgiving).

In 2017 we will be requiring participants to make a minimum donation of $50 to the American Cancer Society.

To honor the outstanding work of the American Cancer Society, and to support the communities where she lives and works, Erika Slater CH of Free At Last Hypnosis, will conduct a FREE group quit smoking sessions on this day.

The session will last approx. 90 minutes -2 hours.

Sessions will take place online in 2017 depending on demand and confirmed registrations. You will be asked to make a donation to the American Cancer Society or a charity of your choice.

Limited spots are available due to size of room so you must pre-register using the sign-up form below.

Spots will be allocated strictly based on the order we receive registration confirmation.


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Who is Erika Slater?

Hypnosis has been successfully used to help smoker’s quit for over 40 years, and is a proven method. It’s safe, quick and effective for helping people quit. Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon proving invaluable in eradicating damaging habits.

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Erika Slater CH

Erika Slater has been servicing the Massachusetts region for 14 years.

She’s been a professional and full-time hypnotist since 2004. She is certified by, and a member of, the National Guild of Hypnotists.

But her expertise goes well beyond the requirements of certification.

She’s been helping individuals stop smoking for over a decade. She’s helped hundreds of people quit through her private and group smoking cessation programs.

Hypnosis so dramatically changed her life through helping her to quit smoking after trying everything else, that she decided to help others enjoy being a non-smoker for the rest of their life.


Here’s What to Do Next…

If you’re ready and have decided to quit during the Great American Smokeout then you’ve two choices as we see it:

  1. Quit smoking using the “cold turkey method” which relies on will power alone. Pros: It’s Free. Cons: Of the quit smoking methods this has lowest success rate – it’s also stressful and doesn’t eliminate the habit of smoking, which is why most people start smoking again within a few days to weeks of quitting.
  2. Quit smoking using hypnosis. Pros. It’s Free and you also have nothing to lose. It’s proven and has high success rate of eliminating the habit. Cons: You have to turn-up to the session for it to work.

You don’t have to be a resident of Cape Cod to be part of this FREE Stop Smoking Event. Feel free to tell family and smoker friends about this offer to quit. Just ensure they’re ready to quit and register for themselves using the form below otherwise they’ll not be admitted to the session due to room restrictions.

Now it’s time to make a choice if you’re ready to stop smoking.

Register for the session in 2017 by signing-up below… or leave the page and continue smoking – no hard feelings from me.


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We look forward to you becoming a non-smoker.

Erika Slater, CH
Free At Last Hypnosis
Serving Mashpee & Barnstable County Cape Cod & Islands:
400 Nathan Ellis Hwy, Suite B, Mashpee, MA 02649
Phone: 508-269-0109

P.S. Not only will you be attending this session to quit smoking but you’ll also discover what a powerful resource your subconscious mind is, and how it can be harnessed to help you achieve almost anything you want in life. Complete the form above if you’re ready to stop smoking.


*As with any service or product program
involving behavioral changes there is no
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individual results will vary.