The Grass is Always Greener Mentality

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Do you suffer from this?

A funny thing happened the other day – a friend was discussing their current bad fortunes about the individual they were dating. The person they had been seeing decided to bail on the relationship after 4 months citing the reason, “They wanted to see what was out there!

Of course my friend was upset about the other person’s decision to leave the relationship, but what could they do?

Then, out of the blue, the individual who left the relationship called and said they wanted a second chance. This time they cited the reason for their return as, “The grass wasn’t greener as they hoped!

They thought there was someone better out there for them, but as it turned out there was not.

My friend decided against taking them back asserting they were not going to be the “consolation prize!

The “grass is always greener” most often times happens in relationships, jobs/careers and even selling a home. Most times after all is said and done, many people with this type of mentality find out they made a huge mistake, one that can’t be fixed back to the way things were.

In fact, many of these folks believe they are missing out on “something” or someone great, when all along they have what or whom is best for them. This premise of something or someone better often manifests itself based on a sense of greed or entitlement. If that isn’t the case, then sometimes it is just a case of curiosity which may grow out of sheer boredom with what one already has.

Many people who believe that “finding something better” will make them happier or be the answer to their problems are usually not in touch with themselves.

When I refer to being in touch, I mean that they either do not know what they really want in life, and have learned to settle and accept what has come their way. Moreover, many of these people are just not happy with life because they are not happy with themselves, or who they project themselves to be.

These folks continually search, hope to find or achieve new “statuses” only to learn that they are still miserable.

No matter where you go, you take the “present” you with you along with all the thoughts, feelings and memories that you have. In order for the grass to become greener, you have to realize that you might actually be standing on it now!

Hypnosis is a great tool for getting your mind not only focused on what you really want in life, but how to create a greater appreciation for what you currently have. Hypnosis works by helping you develop a greater moment to moment awareness, thus making you aware of what you have and accomplished in your past and present which makes life feel richer.

Furthermore, hypnosis can help you foster an attitude of gratitude leading you to be happy with what you have rather than constantly looking for something better.

Your unconscious mind may have been saturated with conscious thoughts of “wanting better“, but hypnosis can teach the conscious mind to start filling the unconscious mind with loving and appreciative thoughts.

If you find yourself constantly postponing being happy to some other time or place or set of circumstances then check out the self-hypnosis download Grass is Always Greener here >>>

Dr. Peter
Staff Writer
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