Getting to Not Feel Stupid

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There is no way you’re stupid…

Are you someone who believes or feels that no matter what they do they can never do it right? Has it gotten to the point that you feel like a bumbling idiot, even in your own company? What has changed in your life that made you become be so hard on yourself?

Have things really gotten that bad for you?

In the world of psychology, more commonly cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) there is a term referred to as “Magnification“. This means taking a small or isolated event and blowing it out of proportion.

Furthermore, it often entails taking perceptions from events in the past and placing those perceptions on current situations and judging them accordingly.

Some people get good at this – stereotyping the events in their lives based on what has happened in the past.

They take situations from the past and compare what is going on currently to try to fit in with their understanding based on the past experiences. This is how negative thinking patterns and scripts get created and why some people start to really view themselves as “stupid“.

Did you know that negative thoughts and memories require more space in your mind/memory? Just think, if you are a negative thinker, or have a lot of negative memories, then you are taking up so much space in your consciousness and unconsciousness that when you do try to think up something positive or new, you instantly shift to a place of negativity, or better yet, “stupid thinking!

How does one go about undoing their “stupid thinking“, you know the thoughts on why they feel or act stupidly?

First off, you have to tell yourself that there is no such thing as a stupid person! Let’s say for the sake of argument that there was such thing as a stupid person. As soon as they do something, anything right, then they are doing something that isn’t stupid, therefore they can’t be 100% stupid.

Hence, the label of stupid person can’t exist because people will always do something right, i.e. stop for red light, turn the stove off, help a friend, etc. The key here is to understand that the essence of pure stupidity does not exist.

The key to this understanding then is to shift your mindset onto success… anything that you do right.

If you can accomplish anything that yields a positive outcome then that undermines the label of stupidity. Whenever you achieve any task that is small or large, you are demonstrating mastery which requires knowledge. If you are able to do this then you are not stupid.

The key to overcoming the label of stupidity is to not compare or label yourself “stupid” based on mistakes that you make.

You see people characterize themselves by the mistakes that they make. If and when you accept something as a mistake and learn from it and not do it again, you have learned. If you have learned something new, then that must mean that you have some smarts.

Guess what? This means that you are not stupid!

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